We are now inviting membership applications. It is an ongoing process. Anytime is the right time. 

We are collecting expressions of interest for the Shared Practice


You can join the Shared Practice which takes place every Monday 12.15- 14.15pm. You would join us for the duration of one month to commit for a practice based movement research that is contextualised by others who practice alongside you. It is £20 for the month to join 7 other artists in a beautiful spacious studio in South East London. Sometimes the month is only 3 Mondays, then it is £15 only. 

Shared Practice.jpeg

Besides the physical practice there is space before and after to meet and exchange about projects and approaches. It is a unique format that anyone can participate in however it is particular;y suited for those who want to deepen their movement research and improvisation. Should dance not be your primary practice but nevertheless link to your research (writing, fine art, architecture, music, curation, meditation etc) you may still apply, we'd love to hear from you!


Please write one or two weeks prior to the month you want to join and give us a couple of sentences where you are currently at with your practice. Places are given on a first come, first serve basis. Please write to