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M e m b e r s h i p

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Having this membership scheme presents an engagement that is more proactive. It invites you to step closer and allows us to be closer to you.

Working with the people around us, dance artists and movement seekers alike, is not just a box to tick but forms an integral part of the work. No one alone can invest into wellbeing because we are well when we are well together, treating our human and more- than- human connections with care.

Experiences build on care. Enjoying surprises and stepping into the unknown manifest as we come together; The people that join us such as dance artists, our local and  extended community accumulate and broaden identities and shape a common history. 

How to become a member?

Recommended rate of £15. 

You can donate more if you   like and can.         

If you prefer to volunteer please let us know.  We love to ignore money wherever we can and connect to likeminded people no matter what.

To become a member  email Exit Map 

ref Membership

your name

the amount you would like to give

or if you prefer to participate more proactively.


Reduced rate for events 

Voluntary participation in informal meetups

and socials to contribute and exchange ideas about projects or just life in general.

Voluntary participation in monthly board meeting with other members and directors of EM.

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