Membership scheme


- donation based access to all Moving On events instead of set prices

- first dibs on bookings for events/ classes and Shared Practice

- access to meetings and artist feedback sessions to get to know artistic and managerial processes 

Suggested payment for becoming a member is £10 or £20 for one year depending on your possibilities and outlook. If you would like to become a member to connect closer to the work but prefer to volunteer let us know and we make it a conversation. If you want to be a member but you don't have the resources of time of money, still, let us know and we make it a conversation.

To become a member please click here

How does it make a difference to Exit Map?

Working with the people around us, dance artists and movement seekers alike, is not just a box to tick but forms an integral part of the work. Our investment in movement is the investment into wellbeing of ourselves that manifests because we treat our connections to people and space with care. That isn't us selling you a product but experiences that manifest collectively as we bring dance artists and our extended community into a closer dialogue. The experiences we craft emerge of what we create together.

Having this membership scheme presents an engagement that is more proactive, invites you to step closer and allows us to come closer to you. This process of meeting shapes and changes who we are and what we do. That is the vision because what we do is because of the space and the people we find ourselves with.

We are excited by the prospect to newly inform our common ground and our differences as it expands our abilities to openly and resourcefully engage with what we love and what challenges us.