Exit Map is many. Though the vision is driven by Laura Doehler, founder of Exit Map, it constantly edges onwards, expands and shifts because of practices and conversations artists and people share concerning an embodiment of social and environmental connectivity. Shaping dreams together as is shaping a future is always a work in progress and our negotiations and actions are what defines us as community. We play lost and found with each other, improvise, weave patterns and relationships with the intention to support one another as extension of ourselves.



For a true democratic approach choices and decision concerning management are proposed by Laura yet finalised with a group of artists who commit some time to meet and check how everything is going. This is the advisory board and the first step to becoming a non profit organisation that sources from voluntary support and ensures collective decision making and vision. Each project, like Moving On and the Shared Practice is a hub of artists themselves who develop and manage the work from within together by incorporating dialogues, feedback time and structures; it aides for their personal work to be contextualised and beyond that, for new work to emerge as we allow personal and artistic boundaries to fade. We are, very gently, probing the independent artist image ...





Everyone is welcome and considered a member. If you want to join a meeting or the advisory board just let us know. However making the distinction between members and therefore non-members allows the following. Being a member we will more proactively make sure you are in all the email threads you want to be in, keep you up to date and effectively support you as you support us with ideas and connections. Financially your membership can support the work we do and simultaneously provide you with more opportunities. The most important ingredient however to become a member is interest. Money aside, we love to hear from you no matter what.