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Here Now

at the Albert, London,2013

Exploring notions of impermanence and the nature of change HERE NOW was a week-long work of live, interdisciplinary improvisation. Over the course of five days nine artists who fused music improvisation, drama improvisation, dance improvisation and visual arts process based work, invited the audience to observe and directly influence the live creative act. The line between observation and participation was fluid and ever-changing just like the overall landscape of HERE NOW. Performers improvised with each other and audiences while attending to needs to embed trust and open creative portals for relentless fun.

The aim of HERE NOW  was to marry performance and action for any kind of audience member and ask how do we relate when there is no structure?

How do we deal with the choice of participation, how much makes oneself be available to explore an environment that undergoes change constantly through creative action?

As people entered they could watch and be in the midst of creative offers of playful cross-disciplinary engagements that invited the audience to become aware of his or her own attitude towards participation and feel effortlessly enabled to join.

In this environment, any kind of expression is welcome and included. Any language and creative communication which somehow loosened language as we know it, laying bare its building blocks and by that reading beyond words, seeing sound and becoming space.

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