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Here Now 2013




Exploring notions of impermanence and the nature of change HERE NOW was a week-long work of live, interdisciplinary improvisation. Over the course of five days nine artists who fused music improvisation, drama improvisation, dance improvisation and visual arts process based work, invited the audience to observe and directly influence the live creative act.

The line between observation and participation was fluid and ever-changing just like the overall landscape of HERE NOW. the team of performers worked with each other as well as adapted to the individual needs of each audience member.

The aim of HERE NOW  was to marry performance and action for any kind of audience member – ‘performance’ as an action that is witnessed and ‘action’ meaning that as an audience member you can participate in something that is happening there and then. We met on democratic terms – the audience joining in was improvising and the performers improvise as well – therefore everything always depended on everybody.

HERE NOW was to bring awareness towards how we relate when there is no structure, the choice of participation emphasises and questions how much an audience member makes oneself be available to explore an environment that undergoes change constantly through creative action.

Embarking on this journey that presents the whole spectrum of passive and active engagement means there is no pressure to join – on the contrary it is by watching offers of engagement that an audience is encouraged to observe his or her own attitude towards participation.

Working cross-disciplinary means that any kind of expression is welcome and included – therefore we are proposing the freedom of language. Audiences could join in with a language they felt comfortable with or that they wanted to explore, and once in the space, an awareness built how all languages relate and influence each other. It brought about a creative communication and it felt as though we took language as we know it apart, laying bare its building blocks and by that reading beyond words, seeing sound and becoming space.

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