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Architecture of Togetherness
A research project by Carolina Vasilikou and Laura Doehler

Architectures of Togetherness are processes of reflections and co-creation to envelope shared knowledge that welcomes hybridity as well as dissonance. We establish what matters by hearing each individual voice of all who care to be heard. Practices of bodily listening tune our awareness to how place and time may cultivate empathetic and creative clusters of life. We share personal and collective somatic practices to suspend ourselves in newfound energy anchored in creative thought and physical grounding. Our residency Radical Inclusion  initiated this project, followed by a zine which in turn brought us back to Ponderosa for the Changing Climate symposium and the Dinner of Doing Things.

Image of dinner number two at C. Vasilikou's place

Our zine was created by12 people from our Exit Map community which are participants, students, friends, fellow artists, members and audiences.


We came together during three dinners in December 2022 to reflect on our dreams and practices of togetherness. With some time in between to digest, everyone came back with images and texts that captured their personal reflections and shared discussions.


Feedback and peer support helped refine it and thanks to Carolina Vasilikou's design, a zine emerged that offers many perspectives and expresses personal and collective needs. 


Boy Lucid

Julie Maria Dahl

Carolina Vasilikou

Elisa Vassena

Emilia Silvas

Florent Venet

Tania Soubry

Silvia Commisso

Laura Doehler

Joanne Flannery

Henguy Mao

Image of PAUSE, a 1:1 scale score of a forest bathing installation co-design by Z. Berman, H. Durham and C. Vasilikou

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