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Nunhead Art Trail OPEN STUDIOS
at the Green Community Centre, London

Exit Map invited locals and London’s dance community for an afternoon of work in progress sharings and a session of our Shared Practice to integrate an awareness how creative somatic practices lead to research and choreographic works.

The presentations that took place were unusual in that we are asking artists to stay true to their current state of exploration and share via talks and showings the journey of their work and bring attention to the question what we perceive as product versus processes. We ask how do processes shape the product?  Proposing transparency and accessibility along the way to disseminate not only work but a culture that invites feedback and co-authoring.

Alongside we hope to foster an awareness that dance can feature in everyone's life and it means to sustain a creative practice and engagement with others and our environment.


Exit Map advocates a freedom from product pressure to allow artists the space to play and find what they were NOT looking. This way we can discover what sits in the cracks and what happens when our bodies do the thinking.

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