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Clothes Swap

Performance artist Mary Pearson is rooting research and work in understanding environmental trauma that Laura Doehler, co-director of Exit Map, is part of. 

This this trauma of not knowing how to move on, feeling helpless and utterly unable to evoke change, means we do not act upon it. Repeatedly we are seeing that the news are no longer news but that our life styles are also not changing substantially enough on a personal, business or wider political level. What we recognize is that we need to create journeys into change and help facilitate these actions for people to feel empowered not only stunned.

Our clothes Swap was an event where throughout the day people brought clothes and took clothes in return. They lingered for cakes and chats  that led them to anticipate how entertaining and easy enough a clothes swap is, to counter the consumption habits of buying clothes. To make sure people knew just how impactful the clothe industries are, how sweatshops are environmental disasters and how lives are destroyed through cheap labour and pollution, we screened The True Cost; a moving and insightful documentary that you can find on Netflix in case you too want some clarity or help people make better choices. 

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