Exit Map is many. Though the vision is driven by Laura Doehler, founder of Exit Map, it constantly edges onwards, expands and shifts because of practices and conversations artists and people share concerning an embodiment of social and environmental connectivity. Shaping dreams together as is shaping a future is always a work in progress and our negotiations and actions are what defines us as community. We play lost and found with each other, improvise, weave patterns and relationships with the intention to support one another as extension of ourselves.



What defines our community? 

It is an interest to meet social and environmental connectivity via an embodiment that is explorative, playful and reflective to get us closer to understanding purpose and value of each living thing for us to be well as a whole. And to feel free to move, free to be and have an approach to life that is like dancing. 


You can put a name on the map as though to connect the dots of who we are together

.... a name that is representative of you. That way we get a sense of who is our community. It's nice to get a feel for where we are, the dance lovers and space explorers, and to own our neighbourhood by visualising that other playful misfits are right beside us.  If you would like to get in touch with people on the map write to and we will pass it on. Maybe you want to ask who wants to lie like a lizard in the sun or pick up some plants you grew at home? Perhaps you are doing a street party or a clothes swap ...

When you put down your name you can add some info about which places you love that are near where you live. Part of the idea is not only to map people but spaces that welcome being well and being well together.

Dance Artists

Exit Map is a collaborative platform for artists and those who entertain independent thoughts and projects to make things happen. Exit Map proposes formats and projects and invites artists to join. These are artists we are collaborating with/ have collaborated with in the past:

Moving On artists


Alice Labant 

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Gordon Raeburn

Helena Webb

Irene Firodilino

Jan-Ming Lee

Kirstie Simson

Laura Doehler

Mariana Camilotti

Mary Pearson 

Sara Ruddock

Sara Wookey

Sebastian Ruiz

Sofie Narbed

Tania Soubry

Vanio Papdelli


Towards a Regenerative Culture, Together We Are

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Helena Webb

Jay Jule

Laura Doehler

Lucy Thane

Sebastian Ruiz

Tania Soubry


In collaboration with Venice Allan Clothes Swap, The Green Community Centre, Ayres Bakery, Nisa Local and Bring Your Own


Tree Planting

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Tania Soubry

Laura Doehler

Sebastian Ruiz

Noam Doehler

in collaboration with the Conservation Volunteers, the Mayor of Southwark, Olan Trust, IdVerde and BuildBase



Open Day


in collaboration with the Green artists, teachers and therapists who offer classes at the Green with performances by

Siobhan Davies Open Contemporary Dance, Tania Soubry and Laura Doehler and volunteering by Jay Jule, Kaivalya Brewerton, Rik Page


George Richardson and Sarah Holliday hosted and offered interviews to local resident during the Open Day


Lucy Thane crafted a map of Nunhead with residents. 



Nunhead Art Trail


Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Agnes Canario

Jay Jule

Laura Doehler

Lina Jungergard

Lizzy Le Quesne

Lorea Burge



Zine -Hungry for Change


Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Iolo Walkies

Louis james

Noam Doehler-Rubinstein

Nabila Nebula

Storm Poorun


Sonny Mihajlovic

Vicky King

Will Lang



Exit Map Collective 2015/2016


Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Catherine Elsen

Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Laura Doehler

My Johannson

Tania Soubry



Here Now


Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Evert Taihuttu

Kathleen Downie

Remy Bertrand

Vicky Kyriakoulakou

Vivien Roos

Laura Doehler

Isabel Becker



VIP Talk/ Live Social Networking Station


Bettina John

Jaime Leme

Maria Vargas

Laura Doehler