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>>>Shared Practice is Openly Spaced Out<<<


>>>Audio Guide Library<<<


>>>Post Walk + Talk + Cake<<<





Our past three events and some of the workshops we did inspired this little trailer. You might find yourself right in it: Click here to view our new trailer


>>>Shared Practice is Openly Spaced Out

We have created a regular practice outdoors in our locals parks (Hilly Fields, Mountsfield Park or Ladywell Fields) on a Sunday morning. We will announce who will be there on our Openly Spaced Out WhatsApp group that you can join. The practice consist of rocking up at a described location and time, and enjoy moving in whichever way you want. Dancing, laying in the tall grass, chasing balls like dogs, chatting to whoever else turned up or listening to an episode of our audio library (underneath).
If you want to join us you can
1) join the WhatsApp group Openly Spaced Out by sending us an email with your name and number, ref Openly Spaced Out
2) directly get back to us within a week and let us know which day suits you more as we are looking to create a regular practice rather than switching days each weekend. Whichever day gets more votes will become the meet up day.
For more information as to what this practice is go and visit here.


>>>Audio Guide Library

And here it is, our first tentative step towards an audio guide library where you can find the audios we have created and shared over the past couple of years. Made by various UK based dance and sound artists, this is only a 1st selection of 25 audios and many more are to come but please bear with us. It is featured on Spotify via Anchor where you can subscribe to it and where the income generated goes back to the artists and Exit Map as it manages the platform. It is there to support your personal outdoor practice that you can use anytime anywhere, say a lunch break or an early evening stroll but of course also for our Openly Spaced Out meetup that will happen on weekends.


>>>Post Walk + Talk + Cake

It was wonderful. Moving, sunny, lovely, with clothes finding new bodies and cakes being shared en masse. Thank you all for coming and hopefully soon more!












This is a preview of our Moving On archive coming up ... very soon!
Digital Archive: Moving On - Siobhan Davies Archive










"We wanted to make sure that we, the local SE London collective of humans, were OK because people all around us suffered from the effects of being socially distanced and from immobility by always being at home. Progressively various aspects naturally grew and opened our perceptions to how we make sense of nature, how language and collectivity lay the foundation for personal, professional and social development and how dance is being reassigned new meaning when we move with nature; the one outside of us and the one inside of us becoming increasingly inseparable. We found ourselves connected to the more-than-human and by engaging with it every week, like a ritual, it changed us, gave us strength and an outlook for a future where life and matter are more organically linked.”





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