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Shared Practice

“In doing it, it gives me clarification.”

Lauren Potter

The Shared Practice is a dedicated space for dance exploration in SE London and was established in 2012 by Laura Doehler, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Tania Soubry, and Fernanda Munoz-Newsome,  

To join us for a period of time please contact us at with the reference the Shared Practice

Newcomers are welcome to try a single session for £7 to familiarize themselves with the format. Drop-ins after that are limited to maintain a sense of community, trust and consistency. Instead we encourage you to sign up for 5-6 weeks or join at least a couple of sessions during such a run. These are the next dates:

20.09.  //  27.09.  // 04.10.  //  11.10.  //  18.10.2023

Time: 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Fee: £7/ class

All income generated goes to cover rent.


How it works

The aim is to provide for a regular practice where one can explore personal curiosities in movement and dancing. The outcome is defined by the intension you bring which might rest in the need to move, find presence, develop style, techniques or engage in movement analysis. By digesting and transforming our perceptions of movement we expand our creative practice and gain a deeper understanding of our embodied experiences. Through movement, observation, rearrangement, and conversations, we make sense of the role of movement and dance for ourselves and the wider fabric of life.


We begin with a state of arrival that can allow movement to naturally emerge from a state of presence. Over the course of two hours, explorations unfold, influenced by the energy and presence of others in the space. Gradually attention shifts from a personal inquiry to anticipating and responding to the influences and exchanges within the shared environment. Others' movements become integrated into our work, challenging personal ambitions and revealing the transformative power of movement itself.

Taking time before and after sessions to communicate and connect, we explore and articulate reasons and methods although overall, the most time is spent on simply moving as we need and want there and then.

Facilitator: Laura Doehler

Where: The Green Community Centre – 5 Nunhead Green SE15 3QQ, London


You don’t need to be a professional but you do need to be able to look after your own practice.

This is a non-profit facilitation. The benefit is the practice alone.

If you miss a session the amount is not refundable to make sure rent is covered. 

A couple of ground rules:

  • please come on time. It makes a difference starting together and having time to arrive. Ideally come 15 min early to settle in.

  • there is a facilitator, Laura, to hold the space, guide the stages and answer open questions.

  • at the start and the end we will come together to enter and exit collectively. 

  • it is a silent space where the sounds of breath and to some extend sounding are welcome but … sound can be very distracting and if you do use sound please keep in mind that others are right beside you sharing it and it will influence their work. At the same time being free to sound as you move also matters, so effectively we ask you to make wise choices and to speak your mind if something becomes too much for you to manage your own explorations.

  • for the last 40 min we make use of music to benefit from the energy it gives us. Sometimes we have one musician with us who is taking care of music via live mixing but if not we take care of the music together via our own libraries like Spotify and we welcome people taking turn dj-ing.

  • there are kitchen and toilet facilities, the studio is ground floor and wheelchair accessible.

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