Shared Practice



“In doing it, it gives me clarification.”

Lauren Potter

The Shared Practice was developed by a group of independent dance artists in SE London in 2012 to make space and time to freely move together and to embed a regular practice. It allows us to bring awareness to what it means to move to us personally and in exchange with one another. The format describes an arc of arriving (not doing anything but listening, a state of meditation and undoing) that allows for movement to emerge and surface from a state of presence. Similarly to the Contemplative Dance Practice by Barbara Dilley the attention shifts gradually from a personal inquiry towards anticipating influences and exchanges by what surrounds you. Overall shifts of attention are observed and woven into the work.


If you would like to join for July email latest by 30th of June.

Here an excerpt when we opened the practice to the public at the Green in 2018:

By sharing the space we find ourselves in an open source environment where everything that happens is anticipated in some way and forms part of our journey and a reflection of some kind. The facilitation is light and concerns a navigation to ensure people have a sense of sharing this journey and being able to deal with what it means to follow your own impulses. … By allowing curiosities we lead a presence in space that unfolds in moving. Through curiosities we bring awareness to our preferences, our values such as aesthetics or content and we acknowledge our current state of being.

Facilitators:  Tania Soubry,  Laura Doehler

It would mean you commit to a one off payment of £15-20/ month to secure a space every Monday 12.15- 14.15pm for this specific month alongside other dance artists or those interested to manifest a stronger practice. You don’t need to be a professional but you do need to be able to look after your own practice. (Start date for June: 07th) There is no teaching but your own navigation how you want to spend the time. If you would like to extend the practice for another month let us know/ we will ask you.

There are a couple of ground rules to consider:

  • please come on time. It makes a difference starting together and having time to arrive

  • there is a facilitator (Laura or Tania) to hold the space and guide the stages and inform you how to be in line with our Covid protocol.

  • it is a silent space where the sounds of breath and to some extend sounding are welcome but … sound can be very distracting and if you do use sound please keep in mind that others are right beside you sharing it and it will influence their work. At the same time being free to sound as you move also matters so effectively we ask you to make wise choices and to speak your mind if something becomes too much for you to manage your own explorations.

  • for the last 40 min we play music to benefit from the energy it gives us. We often take turns or manage it collectively. Presently we have one musician with us who is taking care of music via live mixing.

  • every beginning and end we get together, clarify questions for new comers, acknowledge whatever needs to be acknowledged. Closing at the end gives space to articulate findings and share processes.

  • there are kitchen and toilet facilities, the studio is ground floor and wheel chair accessible

  • if you would like to join the next month you can do so at the end of this month

This is the space: The Green Community Centre – 5 Nunhead Green SE15 3QQ, London