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V.I.P. Talk

Picking people out of the crowd – we admired them endlessly, demanded exclusive rights to dress them in our exclusive cabin that featured stars, make up artists, photographer and  a granny which we awarded. It was a game of fake identity introduced from our side but most of our victims eased into their roles effortlessly that we were confused to who was playing whom.  All of them left overly and absolutely happy after being on the receiving end of admiration and confirmation for at least 20min each. Many were students or emerging artists who tend to invest a lot for studies and work and receive little back – this intervention seemed to have healing properties besides bringing awareness towards how much we give and how much we receive in care, mutual love and respect and of course the outstanding icon and superstar, the 1% who gets it all.

Collaborators: Bettina John, concept, performer and costume, Jaime Leme, concept, photography and performer, Maria Vargas, Make-up artist, performer, Laura Doehler, concept, performance


photos: Jaime Leme

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