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Laura Doehler
co-director of Exit Map
Dance and performance artist, teacher and choreographer



Laura initiates collective processes via Exit Map that install a fluid and sensitive connectivity between self and other. Together with Exit Map she produces work and events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are recurring themes. Projects are brought to life in close dialogue with other people and artists to realize collective ownership and is defined by its processes and embodied dialogues. 


In my words:


"I like being mindfully and playfully alive while in direct negotiation with what is around me, weaving the trouble with the beautiful. I attend regularly to what moves me with the Shared Practice and Openly Spaced Out. These are my secular rituals to nurture presence, create some kind of embodied sociability and feel into non hierarchical ecologies. By asking how movement serves as vehicle for life, I find aliveness and  with whatever finds me, a conscious integration of belonging and togetherness is generated. Sharing this is my work and passion.

I believe that virtuosity of movement is awareness, its articulation and negotiation that manifests because we cultivate it.

And it is presence that shapes the future.

I suspend myself between the experiential and the objective. "

photo Patrick Beelaert (BE/UK)

Current ongoing employment:

HE lecturer in movement studies at the National Centre for Circus Arts and Siobhan Davies Studios

Ways to engage with Laura

Mentoring, private tutoring, joining classes, sharing practices or just conversations in green spaces.

work in progress @ the Green

Performance and

teaching history

Fall in CI, Turkey 2018_edited.jpg

Fall in CI workshop, Turkey

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staging ages.png
white square_edited.jpg

Staging Ages, h2dance

Say Something by h2dance

Cyr meets CI

CI movement research at


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  • 2003 ‘moving, moved, you move me’ choreography and performance by L. Doehler NOR

  • 2003 ‘Rites de Passage’ by Sonic word and dance communitas, DE

  • 2005 ‘På Gränsen’ by h2dance, touring SWE and NOR

  • 2005 ‘Entertain Yourself’ participatory solo by and with L. Doehler @ Stranger Than Fiction, UK and @ Ponderosa, DE

  • 2005 ‘Hive/ Silencer’, by Naomi Levebvre Sell, UK

  •                                                       >> 2006 North East Youth Dance Meeting, teaching contemporary and                                                                                   devising @Perform(d)ance, DE

  • 2007 ‘To Die For’ by h2dance, touring UK, SWE, NOR

  • 2007 ‘Unknown’ duet created by L. Doehler and performed by L. Doehler and Leila Huwiler @ Leipziger Tanztheater 40 year Jubilee, DE

  •                                                       >> 2008 ‘Word Game Workshop’ performance coordination for Kinetika Art                                                                           International, UK

  • 2009 Kings Cross by Pedro Pires, performer and rehearsal director, touring Portugal

  •                                                       >> 2010 teaching professional class at GDA, UK

  •                                                       >> 2010 ‘Moondog’  teaching and choreographing at Perform(d)ance, DE

  • 2010 ‘And so to bed, by Shane Shambu, UK

  • 2010 ‘Apologetics', by Michael Picknett, UK

  • 2011 ‘Say Something’ by h2dance, performer, UK touring UK, SWE and NOR

  • 2011 Solo ‘Selbstvergessen’ created and performed Laura Doehler @ Perform(d)ance Jubilee, DE

  • 2012 Improvisation with Leopard Ladies @ Chisenhale Agony Art, UK

  •                                                       >> 2012 ‘Mein Name ist Mensch’ teaching and choreographing at                                                                                             Perform(d)ance, DE

  •                                                       >> 2012 - ongoing Shared Practice, independent training and movement                                                                               research facilitation

  •                                                       >> 2013 ‘Mein Name ist Mensch’ co-choreographer and dancer as part of an                                                                       intercultural youth outreach project, DE

  •                                                       >> 2012 - ongoing teaching movement in HE, practice and research, at the                                                                           National Centre of Circus Arts London, UK

  •                                                       >> 2013/14 ‘Fremd’  teaching and choreographing at Perform(d)ance, DE

  • 2015 ‘Redux Project’ by Richard DeDomenici and BBC, UK

  • 2015 ‘Staging Ages’ by h2dance, touring SWE, UK

  • 2016 ‘Kronos’ by Marina Collard @ Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, UK

  • 2017 ‘My Turf’ duet by L. Doehler performer by L. Doehler and Monsur Ali @ Leipziger Tanztheater, DE

  • 2018- 2023 performer and collaborator for ‘Anthropo+ screen- by-products’ by Mary Pearson, UK

  • 2018 ‘Bad Faith’ by Tara D’ Arquien, UK and BE

  •                                                                                                   *** 2014- 2018 Teaching Contact Improvisation                                                                                                                                      @Tripspace and London Contact Improvisation, London UK​

  • 2017/18 ‘Say Something’ by h2dance, UK, SWE and NOR

  •                                                                                                   *** 2017 guest teacher for contact improvisation at Freiburg                                                                                                          Festival, DE

  •                                                                                                   *** 2017 teaching CI workshops at GIRNE AMERICAN                                                                                                                        UNIVERSITY, Cyprus

  •                                                                                                   *** 2017 teacher at the Paris New Years Jam, FR

  •                                                                                                   *** 2018 ‘Cyr seeks CI’, movement research led and taught by                                                                                                         L.Doehler, collaboration between NCCA and LSCD, UK

  •                                                                                                   *** 2018 teaching CI workshops @ Conservatório de Dança do                                                                                                       Vale do Sousa, PRT

  •                                                                                                   *** 2018 teaching CI workshops at Fall in CI, Turkey

  •                                                                                                   *** 2018 CI and improvisation research at Au Brana, FR

  • 2018 ‘Stone Draggers’ by Laura Wilson, UK

  •                                                       >> 2018 - ongoing teaching contemporary and improvisation at Siobhan Davies                                                                 Studios, UK

  •                                                       >> 2018/19/20 guest lecturer ‘Devising scenography with somatics’ @ Central                                                                                                                   School of Speech and Drama, UK

  •                                                                                                   *** 2019 teaching CI workshop at LOFFT theatre, Leipzig DE

  •                                                                                                   *** 2019 ‘Cyr seeks CI’ article publication with Contact                                                                                                                       Quarterly, Contact Improvisation Newsletter

  •                                                                                                   *** 2019 teaching CI intensive at Netherlands Contact                                                                                                                        Improvisation Festival, NL

  •                                                                                                   *** 2019 teaching at Freiburg CI festival, DE

  • 2019/2020 ‘LOUD OBJECT’, performer and collaborator, by Maria Zemlinsky and Robson Barreto, UK

  • 2019/2020 ‘Cloudmeeting’, improvised movement sound installation in collaboration with Louise Walleneit and Olli Holland, DE

  • 2020 ‘Deep, Deepen, Deepening’ by Laura Wilson, UK

  • 2020 Who Is John Wick? by and with Laura Doehler @ The Green, UK

  •                                                       >> 2020 teaching prof class @ Independent Dance, UK

  •                                                       >> 2021 teaching Contemporary Dance on Graduate Certificate in Dance at Trinity                                                            Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, UK

  •                                                                                                   *** 2021 teaching CI as intensive teacher at Letanec CI                                                                                                                      festival, CZ

  •                                                       >> 2022 ‘The Ultimate Storyboard’ choreographic guidance for colab at Trinity                                                                   Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, UK

  • 2022/23 ‘Dj Whimsy or What the Climate will be Like’ by Vibrant Matter, LUX

  • 2023 Improvisations with paintings, performer for Catherine Long, UK

  • 2023 ‘Charco’, by Pepa Ubera, UK

  • 2023 ‘Through Sensuous Landscapes’ by Vibrant Matter, LUX                                                                                                                                                                                                         *** 2023 teaching CI workshops at Goldsmith CI and CI                                                                                                                      Minifest, London UK

  • 2024 'A Dance of Becoming' by Lizzy Le Quesne, UK

  •                                                       >> 2024 Teaching Improvisation @ The Place, UK

  •                                                       >> 2024 Teaching 'Collective Movements' with Exit Map artists, UK

  •                                                       >> 2024 Facilitation of 'Catalysing Collective Action', a commission by The Place with                                                        GWG community

  •                                                                                                    *** 2024 Body to Land COntact Improvisation with Rowan                                                                                                               Quarry

  •                                                                                                    *** 2024 CI at Moving Connections Camp, Buddhfield and

  •                                                                                                   Emerging Hearts Contact Improvisation Camp

      Performance and                       Teaching                           Contact Improvisation
      Performance Making
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