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We opened a WhatsApp group Openly Spaced Out for people to join us moving outdoors in more natural environments because we started to perceive and feel how natural spaces give something to the body, to movement, the way we feel and the way we understand nature. That we fell in love with. This group continues to be a meet up and if you want to join just email your name and phone number (ref Openly Spaced Out) to . It is largely SE London based but not only.

It is a format where actions or 'undoing' derive from listening to what it is we need or want at this given time in this given space. We soften the edges of what we think we need to do, adjusting our methods and exercises to what feels right and where our curiosity leads us. That may be exercises but it might also be lying in the grass, throwing back a ball to a child, cartwheeling or perceiving tiny shifts of weight on an uneven grassy ground.  

In not being alone we give permission to do things in our own quirky and  untested ways. People that pass by are positively intrigued or don't care much; either way you haven't got much to loose.

We also offer audio guides that you can bring to the park via your phone or an audio device and headphones. These were created by dance artists who work somatically and can fine tune our connectivity to ourselves and to nature, through spoken word guidance. These are available via our archive of Moving On which is the umbrella under which these were created. Have a little roam and under the timeline link and you will find much to explore. There are even more audios via our Spotify link which do have a subscription fee attached but you can subscribe for one month only if you like to enjoy a wider range of audios and a wider range of artists who conceived them.




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