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  • Anne-Gaelle Thiriot | Exit Map

    Anne-Gaelle Thiriot co-director of Exit Map Dance and Performance artist, teacher and choreographer Anne-Gaëlle is an independent dance artist based in London and, since late 2020, in Marseille. She is interested in the potential of movement and architecture to create and bring communities together, and is hungry for bodies and non-hierarchical ways of working. These days she is creating work through investigating the notion of Public Intimacies (how to create intimate collective experiences in the public space, given the current climate), and ways to engage with, enliven and embody the archives of Contact Improvisation (namely the Contact Quarterly revues). She mainly works through collaborations. Anne-Gaëlle graduated from Trinity Laban in 2008 and continued learning with great release and Contact Improvisation teachers, travelling across Europe (Michal Mualem and Giannalberto De Filippis/Sasha Waltz and Guests, Jeremy Nelson, Simona Bertozzi, Didier Silhol, Kirstie Simson, Julyen Hamilton, Lisa Nelson, etc.) and teaches CI since 2011. In 2016 and 2018 she worked with Nancy Stark-Smith on GLIMPSE, a research and performance project of the Underscore in the USA. She is a certified choreologist (specialist of Laban-based contemporary theory and practice) and has been a guest lecturer for Trinity Laban, Roehampton and Winchester University. A dancer, teacher, facilitator and choreographer, she presently works with Andrew Graham (L’Autre Maison), Mathilde Monfreux, Compagnie Libertivore and Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, and also organises the project Le FIL: Training & Open Studio in Marseille, with fellow dancer Julien Dégremont. Among the artists/companies she has collaborated with in the UK are Joe Moran, Simonetta Alessandri, Laura Doehler, h2dance, Annie Lok, Tara D’Arquian, Dirty Market Theatre, Lisa May Thomas, Laila Diallo, Noa Zamir, Charlotte Spencer, Jay Yule, Petra Söör, Akshay Sharma, and Candoco Dance Company. Her personal work has been performed in UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Chile, Iraqi Kurdistan and Germany

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  • Code Of Conduct | Exit Map

    Code Of Conduct The Duty of Members Each Member has a duty to protect the health and well-being of all people and members of Exit Map who engage with activities and events of Exit Map in every circumstance. Each Member must make sure that s/he behaves with integrity and honesty. The Member shall demonstrate Ethical Awareness Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals Comply with the laws and regulations governing the practice of his/her profession or responsibilities Carry out duties in a professional and ethical way Ensure that any advertising is truthful, accurate, not misleading and complies with any relevant legislation Undertake research ethically Keep professional knowledge and skills up to date Act within the limits of the Member’s knowledge, skills and experience and, if necessary, refer on to another professional Maintain proper and effective communications with members and service users. You must communicate properly and effectively Assist and advise other members as set out. Effectively supervise tasks appropriately delegated that you have asked other people to carry out. Obtain informed consent to carry classes or interventions Keep accurate records Deal safely with risks Limit work or stop practising if the Member’s performance or judgement is affected by health issues. Each Member has a duty to take action if health issues could be harming his/her fitness to practise Act in the best interests of service users and members Respect the confidentiality of service users and members Maintain high standards of personal conduct. You must behave with honesty and integrity and make sure that your behaviour does not damage the public’s confidence in your profession and Exit Map Get informed consent when using touch or what might be perceived intimate with the pubic When actively participating in the running of events you must adhere to risk assessment Complaints or concern should go directly to Exit Map directors Deal fairly and safely with the risks of infection ​ Respect the rights and dignity of all individuals ​ Each Member must show through their practice and conduct a respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals regardless of  gender  family status  marital status  age  disability  sexual orientation  religion  race  ethnicity, including membership of the Traveller Community  nationality ​ Members should be capable of working across different cultural groups. Members’ behaviour, attitudes and policies need to support effective work in cross-cultural situations. Members should be aware of dynamics that can come from differences in culture and study and develop their practice and services to better serve service users’ needs. ​ Undertake research ethically Proposed research projects should be submitted to the appropriate authority for approval prior to commencing research. Research should not proceed under any circumstances without the necessary ethical approval. Such approval should be identified in the research documentation e.g. participation, recruitment, communication. Members must abide by any research and publication laws, regulations, ethics and professional standards. Prior informed consent must be obtained and recorded if service users are to be involved in any form of research. The aims and methods of the proposed research, together with any potential hazards or discomfort and information about how their details will be used should be explained to the potential participant. Members must respect the dignity and protect the welfare of research participants. ​ Act within the limits of professional knowledge, skills and experience and, if necessary, refer on to another professional Members are expected to work within their scope of practice, treating and advising in areas in which they are competent, determined by their education, training and experience. When working at the edges of their experience and cross-disciplinary, Members are expected to undertake extra supervision or consultation with relevant professionals.

  • Copy of What's On | Exit Map

    ​ What's On Shared Practice click here for dates, info and how to join Openly Spaced Out Always open and free for you to join and create the practice you are interested in with your local community. Archive Online For you to explore how Shared Practice led to Openly Spaced Out and Moving ON Architectures of Togetherness A project initiated in Pondeosa, Germany, it continues to grow with our glocal community.

  • Tania Soubry | Exit Map

    Tania Soubry Co-director of Exit Map Dance and performance artist, choreographer and teacher. ​ Emerging from the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, Tania studied at SEAD and LABAN, danced with EDge at London Contemporary Dance School (MA in Contemporary Dance Performance) and completed an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. She received danceWeb in 2002 and completed a one year Boost program through Trois C-L, consisting of 8 residencies in Europe for the project beat’n’shine in 2013/14: ​ ​ Tania did the Deborah Hay solo adaptation project and a placement with Trisha Brown Company. She danced with the following companies: Vedanza, Zephyr in Zanussi, Small Room Dance, Kimatica, the postgraduate company EDge (working with Rachel Krische, Rosemary Butcher, Rosemary Lee, Fillip Van Huffel, Gabriela Tropier and Jonathan Lunn) and (dance) artists: Tino Seghal, Vangelis Legakis, Annick Pütz, Gianfranco Celestino, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Meredith Nadler, Simonetta Alessandri. She also worked in collaborations and within the collectives Explorer and the Conway Collective. Since 2003 her performance work has been shown in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong- Wholly / it (instead of twenty-one-words) / Back to the roots with Jimy / Two people coming together / I’ll crane for you / soulsongdances. ​ ​ She participated in the choreographic research and composition program entitled Prototype II, “Vocal presence in choreographic scores”, at Royaumont, in France, October 2014-September 2015, and she is a resident dance and movement artist within the Artists’ Support Programme at the Conway Hall in Holborn, October 2014 – February 2016. ​ ​ She teaches dance, more info here: classes and workshops and teaching CV . ​ ​ She is particularly interested in, and the relation between, music, song, sound, voice and singing, rhythm, movement, dance, performance and the body. ​ ​ Within this she is interested in the movement of our consciousness, perceptions and reflections, a verbal , thinking, political, soulful, spiritual and environmental voice. ​ ​ She is further interested in creating experiences and immersive worlds through characters and situations, as well as rituals, healing, body work, transformative and social/communal projects. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Open Day | Exit Map

    Open Day For a whole day The Green shared what it offers – classes, meet ups, support schemes, drop ins, tea and coffee – for its local community to get a taste and to integrate development that comes directly from the community and is for the community. Exit Map's facilitation focussed on the wishes and dreams of lour local community and worked on producing an environment that connected and listened to what is going on in people’s lives. ​ As a community centre The Green wants to create social well being and so we ask you How are we well together? The program of tasters showed what is on offer on a regular basis but throughout the day there were conversations, games, food and interview stations, map making etc to find out who is who and for all to remember that people are worth meeting and that strangers can be become friends. ​ The entire event was free, grown from people who care: The Green, Exit Map, its teaching community and the community itself who provided food and helped out; people who care and want to connect.

  • Elisa Vassena | Exit Map

    Elisa Vassena painting by Elisa Vassena Elisa is co-facilitating Collective Movements and joins/ supports the Shared Practice with Exit Map. Elisa is a performer and movement artist with a self-taught visual art practice spanning drawing, cyanotype printing, paper-making, and photography. She holds a BA (First Class Hons) Dance Theatre from LABAN, receiving the Marion North Award for Outstanding Performance for her final year(2011-12). Since then she has worked freelance in a wide range of contexts, from gallery and theatre settings to outdoors and site responsive works. She has performed for and collaborated with various artists, including Tilted Productions (Maresa von Stockert), DKHP, J Neve Harrington, Irina Baldini, Kasia Witek, Pablo Bronstein, Tino Sehgal, Ingvild Isaksen, Anders Duckworth, amongst others. Since 2013 she collaborates with Stella Papi in the duo SALSAROSA, making interactive and durational experiences. Alongside working with others, Elisa follows her own creative desires, bridging her movement and visual art practices into hybrid landscapes, and allowing learning to build, spill and translate across contexts.

  • Laura Teaching | Exit Map

    Laura Doehler Teacher REGULAR UK TEACHING - current Lecturer of Movement HE at the National Centre of Circus Arts, London Lecturer of Contemporary Dance in HE at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Siobhan Davies Dance, Open Contemporary Course, London Guest lecturer at Central School of Speech and Drama London: Somatic Set Design CI facilitator at TripSpace and London Contact Improvisation (Covid hold) INDEPENDENT TEACHING and FACILITATION ​ Shared Practice with Exit Map Collective - professional development via studio based movement explorations every Monday in SE London ​ Moving On with Exit Map Collective - outdoor version of the Shared Practice facilitated via audio guides that Exit Map dance artists conceive collectively ​ Contact Improvisation meets Release Technique workshops: Over the past 15 years Laura has taught CI internationally via Intensive programs in Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Germany, Cyprus, Czech Republic and UK. ​ Cyr seeks CI , movement research how CI prepares Cyr circus artists to explore and develop their work with publication in Contact Quarterly and video link: ​ Perform(d)ance - coaching and choreographing teenagers who are from a less advantaged backgrounds to empower via creative and physical engagements and inspire working with dance. These evening lengths productions took place in Germany, Stralsund facilitated via a team of professional dance artists and classic orchestration Fremd 2013/14 Mein Name is Mensch 2013 Moondog 2010

  • Openly spaced out | Exit Map

    We opened a WhatsApp group Openly Spaced Out for people to join us moving outdoors in more natural environments because we started to perceive and feel how natural spaces give something to the body, to movement, the way we feel and the way we understand nature. That we fell in love with. This group continues to be a meet up and if you want to join just email your name and phone number (ref Openly Spaced Out) to . It is largely SE London based but not only. ​ It is a format where actions or 'undoing' derive from listening to what it is we need or want at this given time in this given space. We soften the edges of what we think we need to do, adjusting our methods and exercises to what feels right and where our curiosity leads us. That may be exercises but it might also be lying in the grass, throwing back a ball to a child, cartwheeling or perceiving tiny shifts of weight on an uneven grassy ground. ​ In not being alone we give permission to do things in our own quirky and untested ways. People that pass by are positively intrigued or don't care much; either way you haven't got much to loose. ​ We also offer audio guides that you can bring to the park via your phone or an audio device and headphones. These were created by dance artists who work somatically and can fine tune our connectivity to ourselves and to nature, through spoken word guidance. These are available via our archive of Moving On which is the umbrella under which these were created. Have a little roam and under the timeline link and you will find much to explore. There are even more audios via our Spotify link which do have a subscription fee attached but you can subscribe for one month only if you like to enjoy a wider range of audios and a wider range of artists who conceived them. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​​

  • Moving On Sensing Skin Artists | Exit Map

    Moving On Sensing Skin Artists left to right/ top to bottom dance artists Alice Labant, Vanessa Grasse, Vanio Papadelli and sound artist Evert Taihuttu/ Avon Terra Alice Labant: Recipient of the Marion North Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance and the Excellent Dancer Prize. Alongside working with Mara Vivas and Angela Woodhouse and being part of Medeber Teatro - a visual theatre company- she researches and creates works with dancer and musician Gordon D. Raeburn , the Swallowsfeet Collective. Drawing from several art fields and often in collaboration with other creative professionals , she creates choreographic works that depict with playfulness the discontinuous functioning of the mind. Alice has recently been writing for and recording audio guides featured in Moving On events internationally ( Exit Map) developing a poetic and at core moving language that touches on our ways to engage and perceive ourselves in nature. ​ Vanessa Grasse: Explores the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation, as a vehicle for somatic experiencing, engaging with public spaces and bringing communities together. She engages in site-responsive, ecological, improvisational, participatory, and cross-disciplinary approaches, with an interest in how we inhabit places and coexist with others, acknowledging our relational and entangled nature with environments, and with human and non-human communities. her work has been commissioned by Yorkshire Dance, Dance 4, The Great Exhibition of The North, Dance City and Badischer Kunstverein (Germany) amongst others and toured across the UK, Europe and East Asia. Her recent project series The Land We Are was selected for Leeds Dance Partnership Fellowship, Dance Partner Project at Yorkshire Dance and received ACE funding. It offers experiences of ecology and relationship with the more-than-human world via choreographic works, workshops and collaborations between artists and environmental experts. https://performativities.inf o ​ Vanio Papadelli: Is a movement and theatre artist based in London and a regular lecturer in Higher Education (Goldsmiths, Rose Bruford College and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance). She teaches movement, devising and embodied approaches to writing inspired by somatic movement and dance, yoga, Eastern European theatre and Contact Improvisation. Her performance work explores memory, vulnerability and candidness in human relationships by fusing autobiography and fiction through movement, sound, video projections, and poetic texts. ​ Evert Taihuttu: Alias Avon Terra is a dutch-moluccan multimedia artist and sound engineer based in London. Since graduating from the Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam and the School of Sound Engineering he has been recording music artists across a wide range of genres encompassing everything between classical and punk music. He has also been involved in a variety of music production projects while always producing his own music, through which he investigates the relationship between nature, science and art. His main influences have been Aphex Twin, Björk and Portishead. His approach is always cross-disciplinarily and aims to build communities. ​

  • Walk and Talk and Cake | Exit Map

    Archive Walk and Talk and Cake August 2022 Our community event that we co-organised with the Green community centre began with a walk through Nunhead cemetery which is a local gem and a perfect way to get to know new people or catch up with old friends. Afterwards we went to the Green, ate a huge amount of cake and exchanged some clothes based on contributions that everyone brought along. During that day we took time to enjoy each others company and simply take time to connect. The sun was on our side and all donations went to the Green.

  • Moving On | Exit Map

    Moving On... "I thought your guidance and recordings were just amazing, so engaging, immersing and inspiring. Really brilliant. Yesterday and even still now, I felt I was breathing like I was a kid again. I want to feel that feeling some more." Daniel Van Alphen, participant at Moving On Composing with Climates ​ "Saddlers Wells in the park! Inclusive, restorative. Special. Thank you!" People encountering and joining Moving On Resonance ​ ​ Moving On serves to reconnect body to nature. Via a radio sound installation or via headphones, you can listen to somatic audio guides that were conceived by dance and sound artists to inspire ways of being with the more-than-human. Moving On is created by a community of artists for a community of people to breathe deeply and move freely with our surroundings and become part of a wider ecosystem where dances emerge as a state of aliveness and connectivity. Upcoming events Booking here 2nd and 30th of June 2024 at Garthorne Road Nature Reserve Booking opens soon If you want more regular engagements: - we created a meet up called Openly Spaced Out that you can join. It means ot hers can join you in your locality or you can join others making it easier to discover and move in spaces by being t ogether. - we have an online audio library that you can subscribe to. If you want to listen to audios to receive guidance or inspiration, just press play and enjoy a 20min + audio from over 25 episodes. Your subscription supports all the artists who made it happen. - wanna know more? Our Archive presents processes, gives tastes of audios, and a playful interactive graph for visitor to make sense of the project and the various perspectives we share. Past Sound Installations Artists: L.aura Doehler, Marina Collard, Sara Ruddock, Simon Roth and Dan Nicholls Garthorne Road Nature Reserve, an oasis in Forest Hill, invites Moving On to bring nature and people closer together. A mix between headphone guides and radio installation, this event revisits audios that deal with the non-linear and slow nature of animate matter; features that unite people with each other and the more-than-human. Moving On Sensing Skin Mountsfield Park, London 03 & 10 July 2022Meanwodd Valley Urban City Farm, Leeds ​ Artists: Alice Labant, Vanessa Grasse, Vanio Papadelli and Evert Taihuttu ​ Moving On Sensing Skin is an immersive experience that allows you to connect to nature via movement as they facilitate intricate tunings via our skin receptors, images and embodied connections. Together they open up pathways, that like windows, allow the light to filter through and gently mobilise you; inspiring summery dances and a deeply felt sense of togetherness. Moving On Rsonance creates a landscape of words and sounds that accompanies you as you wander, rest and experience how your body and relationship to the world changes by a deepened sense of presence to the space. It is a collective and communal event as we find ourselves sharing this experience. The sound magical rests in the canopy of trees and gently rises from the ground. Artists: Simon Roth, Sara Ruddock, Tania Soubry and Amy Voris A secluded area of woodland in South London set on the broad slopes of a deep railway cutting offers an immersive ambience of sounds and words to reconnect to nature for a renewed sense of navigating life through our senses and environment. In collaboration with the London Wildlife Trust. Artist: Laura Doehler, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Marina Collard Past headphone events This trailer we made with people from our community when we were still working with headphones. Giving voice and visibility to each experience it shows how the feeling of connection of body to land and how movement created a new alternative and way forward. "Moving On is a dance meet-up in the park. You are accompanied by professional dancers guiding you through a movement score. Rather than being the usual jumpy and poppy workout, Moving On is a meditative, introspective and vulnerable process. Wether you are deep into contemporary dance or not, it will be a novel experience of discoveries." ​ Florent Venet, participant of many Moving On projects during lockdown Since September 2020 we installed a regular outdoor movement practice with Moving On for dancers and non dancers alike. These are our past projects ​ ​ Moving On Remembering is a spacious audio by Laura Doehler that invites you to connect to body and space as a reminder of the very basics that we need to look after and connect to. It is an audio that acknowledges the transient nature, how all will go and new things come, where presence, the here and now, shouldn't be forgotten but celebrated. Moving On Composing with Climates 28/11 and 05/12/2021 In London and St Jean D'Angely Artists: Alice and Boris Labant and Tania Soubry ​ Moving On Dialogues 13th and 27th of June 2021, London and Liverpool Artists: Mary Pearson, Alice Labant and Laura Doehler ​ ​ Moving On Falling Into Spring 25th of April and 2nd of May in London, Bristol and Marseille Artists: Laura Doehler, Sara Ruddock, Sara Wookey and Tania Soubry Moving On Traces 11th and 18th of April in London, Bristol, Athens, Patras and Marseille Artists: Alice Labant, Ierene Fiodilino, Jan-Ming Lee and Laura Doehler Moving On Pulse 28.03. and 04.04.2021 in London, Bristol, Marseille and Athens Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Laura Doehler Moving On Remembering 27th of Feb and 20th of March 2022 in London Artist: Laura Doehler Moving On Treempathy 18th and 25th of July in London and Liverpool and Wales Artists: Kirstie Simson, Vanio Papadelli and Laura Doehler ​ Moving On Conversations 23rd of May and 30th of May and 6th of June in London, Bristol and Liverpool Artists: Laura Doehler Moving On Mapping 9th of May and 16th of May in London, Bristol and Marseille, Athens and Liverpool Artists: Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Laura Doehler, Nancy Nerantzi and Sofie Narbed Moving On The Edge 14 and 21.03. in London, Liverpool, Bristol and Athens Artists: Alice Labant, Gordon Raeburn, Mary Pearson and Laura Doehler Moving On Air London, Marseille, Afield 14.01.2021 and 21.02.2021 Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Sofie Narbed and Vanio Papadelli Moving on Music Medley Hilly Fields, Hampstead Heath and Further Afield 28.02.2021 and 07.03.2021 Moving On to Open Waters audio London and Marseille 31.01.2021 and 07.02.2021 Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Laura Doehler Moving On Inside A last audio guide of the year Hilly Fields 27/12/2020 Artists: Laura Doehler Moving On Fiction First audio guide of the year in Hilly Fields and Hampstead Heath 27/12/2020 Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Sara Wookey and Tania Soubry Moving On Dancing 06/12/2020 and 13/12/2020 Hilly Fields London Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Helena Webb and Laura Doehler Moving On … Staying Connected 08.10.2020 and 14/10/2020 12-2pm Hilly Fields Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Mariana Camiloti and Sebastian Ruiz Moving On Roots 22/11/2020 and 28/11/2020 12- 2pm Hilly Fields Artists: Alice Labant, Helena Webb, Laura Doehler and Mariana Camiloti Moving On … And Hanging Out 20/09/2020 Hilly Fields London Moving On … With Nature 18/10/2020 12-2pm Hilly Fields Heading 1

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