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Collective Movements

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photo by Patrick Beelaert, Freiburg Festival 2024

22.02. + 29.02. + 07.03. + 14.03. + 21.03. + 28.03.2024

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An adult mixed level evening class that offers explorations of improvisation scores, instant composition and ensemble thinking. 3 multidisciplinary established dance artists share how our bodies can tune in to one another and relate in harmony as well as dissonance in movement. Their distinct approaches utilize techniques of touch, sensation, imagery, drawing, sounding and embodied listening to invite couriousity and receptivity towards the movement and energies we own and those that surround us. It is a journey into a sense making of the moving body and its pathway into interconnectivity.

We invite all cultures, genders and abilities to join in to create a space of inclusivity to expand our collective story.

We want people to encounter dances to foster a togetherness based on equality and openness that is respectful of our boundaries.


The dance artists:

Elisa Vassena

Playfully moving between dancing and mark-making/drawing, Elisa's classes will invite us to cultivate curiosity towards different materialities in motion. We will allow our attention to sharpen, shift and drift while engaging with the dynamic plurality of our bodies in relation to others. Imagination, imagery, and object work will be woven into the sessions as sparks for open exploration.

Laura Doehler

Laura’s classes will enable us to openly and respectfully meet the perceptive field of territories and boundaries that we bring into the shared space through our bodies and histories. We will work with, pull and stretch our entanglements with these fluid, alien and intimate identities we own to viscerally explore collective sense making through gentle contact work, bodily listening and tuning practices for a new shared imagination to emerge.

Sara Ruddock

The sessions with Sara invite listening through the body, as a relational and multi-sensory practice, playing with viscerality of voice, sound, rhythm and vibration, being with potentials and many moving parts. Tending to what might open if I listen through the in-betweens and edges of my perception, and how the way I listen might change my experience.  You are invited to be with questions that the practice generates for you, as well as co-creating scores/loose frames for improvising together.


The Green Community Centre Nunhead SE 15 3QQ

When: 6.30-8.30pm

22.02. + 29.02. + 07.03. + 14.03. + 21.03. + 28.03.2024

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