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Works by Exit Map Collective 2015/16

Around the subject of care, intersubjectivity and sociability, we are creating work that is constantly developing but essentially allowing itself to be looked at from many angles. We switch performance filters, creative somatic approaches, trial composition tools and dialogue. We that is Tania Soubry, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Laura Doehler and guest artists.


Ridiculous Copernicus and Polyticks 2016 at Chisenhale Dance Space with guest sound artist Chaterine Elsen.

1: Polyticks

Through vocal and movement improvisation, individual impulses meet one another and create a stream of constructing, deconstructing and merging hybrid realities. A collectively built sound score frames our explorations and negotiations of the borders between training, practice, dance, life, process and product – the polyticks of performance.

2: Ridiculous Copernicus

“Among the authorities it is generally agreed that the Earth is at rest in the middle of the universe, and they regard it as inconceivable and even ridiculous to hold the opposite opinion. However, if we consider it more closely the question will be seen to be still unsettled, and so decidedly not to be despised. For every apparent change in respect of position is due to motion of the object observed, or of the observer, or indeed to an unequal change of both.” –Nicolaus Copernicus

Twerkasonata at Conway Hall 2015

For the past year we worked on a production that establishes the individual as an entity of form and sound that is challenged in the negotiation of meeting other entities, challenging co-existence as we find ourselves negotiating differences. We are working with effects of merging, layering and juxtaposition of movement and sound and what happens when we attribute certain characteristics to a specific place. Creating islands in space that become territory, we  trigger meetings that allow audiences to anticipate what it is to go into new spaces or to undo the link between person and space with the overarching question, how can we really embrace the idea of free movement?

LAUNCH at Cockpit Theatre 2015 with guest artists      My Johannsson

We’re all pervading the indie dance scene through live arts, visual arts, video arts, etc. via different routes. We have a distinctive practice-driven and experimental approach. We talk together, agree, disagree, discuss. And that is what makes us do what we do. ‘Launch’ was a sound and sense exploration wherein different research practices find a common ground, living side by side, provoking questions what it is that is us – being and inviting being with, reaching and radiating inquiries, sharing and listening.

Work in Progress Sharing

LAUNCH, Cockpit Theatre and Longfield Hall 2015

In Launch we investigated how we care and how we can induce a sense of care to the audience. The show is an assembly of different takes on care incorporating contact work, tea, singing and text and more generally where do we draw the line between ourselves and others, how much we are influenced and taken by other people’s needs, how much are we available or  insist on our own agenda. Guest artists My Johannson.

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