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Shared Practice Extension

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN SP EXT, please join us 14.10.2019 from 11am til 3.30pm …  or write us a letter of interest until 14.10.2019

From the Shared Practice that runs 11-1pm this session is an extension that serves the making of work.  If you are interested to join, please let us know. Exit Map aims to integrate Sharings at the Green to make our work available to the community in conjunction with providing community support by creating events that allow the arts to reach a wider public by drawing local people close and simply by looking after one another.

This group is less fluid/ drop in than the Shared Practice and open to those who want to be more consistent in developing work. Due to our patched up work nature we are at times not able to come in but the aim is to commit. This is the group of dance artists that were involved 2018/19 and while some continue,
for this coming Autumn term 2019 and into 2020, we are open for more dance and movement artists to join SP and SP extended.


Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Agnes Bakucz Canario, Laura Doehler, Lina Jungeraard, Lizzy Le Quesne, Lorea Burge Badiola, Lucy F Thane, Tania Soubry, Jay Yule


Our Sharings took place during an Open Day and during the Nunhead Art Trail Open Studios – both events we facilitated ourselves at the Green with the facilitation and programming being conceived by performance makers who not only shared their own work but ideas about how we come together overall, what it is we aim to integrate by proposing events what it is we offer and share.

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