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ZINE – Hungry for Change

About food:

We enter the shop and we we choose between dread and boredom, we might simply get on with it as fast as we can although some of us like to explore a little – yet how little can take us far enough?

There will be guilt, no matter what. We are confused but not alone and so we

  • talk about it

  • make food

  • make a zine about food

  • change the way we consume food


What’s good nutrition, does organic really matter, where does it come from, what’s its environmental impact, who made it and what did they earn and actually what does it mean to put things into yourself and into others, how does it affect the way we think  about body and mind, about drinking eating warmth with being social and giving food with honest generosity, not the fake cheap chocolate smile. What is it’s true cost?

So Zine came as a sparkle of an idea to brighten the very festive season – x-mas – where that befuddlement of consumption is at its greatest and most voluminous bastardised self.

This is a little trail on how we managed to put it together:

We collected stuff that has come up, after a dinner with friends who were interested to join and produce a Zine in exchange for buying silly presents.  We collected names here  and the idea was that people chose what they wanted to write or draw about concerning food and we linked up names with interests for everyone to see what each others projects were. Next dinner, we brought the mess to the table.

These were practical items we needed people to respect:

  • Use an A4 page horizontal format because that folded in half should make a good Zine size.

  • Specify if you want to write or draw or do both – that way someone could see that Mr X only doing writing so maybe they could do a drawing to their subject or vice versa.

  • Any amount is welcome – you can write a two liner, bring in random quotes or abstract drawings. However if you bring in writing longer than A4 capacity we need to shorten it a little.


Yes we do want political correctness in making sure we don’t provide feeble research. Do not come with under researched facts although questions and ‘what we don’t know’ always has relevance is welcome. The writing style is yours, you can be blunt, you can be discreet, you can only write questions, or maybe you are desperate – that’s fine.

Before we print it we will exchange and proof read but that is it…

best part about it, we changed the way we consume food. The housing cooperative I live in is vegan and vegetarian and we order our food together every month -bulk from SUMA – and from a very good veg delivery scheme. A huge cut down on boring shops and a good share of communal cooking.

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