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Tree Planting

Where movement meets action...

To meet the upcoming festive season instead of chopping trees we planted some as part of the National tree planting challenge that the Mayor of London supports every year. We built planters and put in young Hawthorn trees an activity that was to inspire environmental consciousness relating and reminding us of the  joy that collective action can build. something positive for ourselves and future generations but because we spend time together moving and working hard with hammers and saws. It is the matter of a joint effort, where breath and physicality matter more than a conversation or performance about ecology and social issues.

Changing the public face, the outdoors and the shared space is one of our ideas we work with and throughout the day as well as after, many are drawn in, about activities that are visible and leave an imprint. Not just tucked away they deliver a spirit that things can be done with some determination and spirit.

Another aspect was to bring back a shared activity, labour, that when shared is invigorating because it is movement and breath, something other than a focussed discussion which many seem not open for or tired of these days. There is communication and team work with a clear frame and skills and tools can be picked up, learnt and in fact show that in itself this is a way to meet and move on together.

The event culminated with the Mayor and community members naming the trees: Andrew, Toto, Offee and Amazon are now new members of the Green and will be looked after for a long time. Initially we hoped to get everyone together for a movement and performance event that emphasises the ecology of humans and trees but that is yet to come when we find a little more time.

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