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Tree Planting

Where movement meets action...

To meet the upcoming festive season instead of chopping trees we planted trees.

We took part of the National tree planting challenge and built planters with young Hawthorn trees with our local community to inspire environmental consciousness.

A reminder that there is  joy in collective action and that we all can contribute to something positive for ourselves, others and our future generations. With hammers and saws, this produced a wonderful joint effort, where breath and shared creation stirred conversations about ecology and social issues.






















Alongside we intervened with the public outdoor space where the Green community centre spills into the street. Over the day, many were drawn in as they passed by and helped putting the boxes together, the soil into place or the trees at the end. 

The Mayor of Southwark joined and opened this new green phase with a ceremonial scissor snap of a red ribbon. Community members named the trees: Andrew, Toto, Offee and Amazon. These are now the new members of the Green and will be looked after just like the guests who enter every day. On the outside of the boxes we put the faces of all who helped.

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