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Live Social Networking Station

Instead of succumbing to the usual ‘STICK TO YOUR OWN SYNDROME’ we wanted people to connect with each other, to overcome social segregation based on complacency which results, for example, from having it all -especially our gadgets. Advanced technological inventions that spare us immediate interaction and make us too cool for school. Besides we find ourselves stuck in social conventions where creative dialogues only happen once a tirade of polite but empty small talk is overcome. Well, we thought that unnecessary – empty chit chat and iPads on parties – and even assumed that people would be happy to meet each – eye to eye without a screen in between – but how? We set  up in a festival where we took individuals on a tour through the crowd producing speculation of the wildest sorts about other visitors before chatting them up  – with a stunt of social kidnapping we lured all of them, small groups at a time, towards our station. There we captured the new acquaintance in photos. ‘Who are you’ and ‘How do I see you’ and ‘What do you think of me’ was more than enough material to work with. The camera lens reflected nicely on the matter of representation towards an outside eye.

Collaborators:  Bettina John, concept, performer and costume, Jaime Leme, concept, photography and performer, Maria Vargas, Make-up artist, performer, Laura Doehler, concept, performance

photos: Jaime Leme

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