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Live Social Networking Station

At Fishtank Festival, Rag Factory

Rather than succumbing to the typical "Stick to Your Own Syndrome" at parties, we went the extra mile to foster genuine connections among guests. We enticed them away from their screens, guiding them on a journey through the venue, encouraging conversations with us and fellow guests. The moment a connection sparked, we ushered them into our booth, where we adorned them and presented a one-of-a-kind photo experience that captured the essence of the moment. Each interaction became a memorable and distinctive encounter.

Our conversations thrived on daring speculations about identities, origins, and journeys, constructing a towering edifice of imagination ready to be unleashed and immortalized in our photo sessions. It was a feat of social captivation. With expert finesse, we orchestrated introductions, bringing together individuals and small groups, while our photos stood as living testimonials, freezing these moments in time. 

The questions of 'Who are you,' 'How do I perceive you,' and 'What do you think of me' provided rich material to explore. Through the lens of the camera, we delicately examined the nuances of representation, offering a unique perspective for outsiders to appreciate.

Collaborators:  Bettina John, concept, performer and costume, Jaime Leme, concept, photography and performer, Maria Vargas, Make-up artist, performer, Laura Doehler, concept, performance

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