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Dice Cafe – dicing with tarts

In Area 10 Peckham we set up a cafe rich with cake and decor. We enticed people to come closer for food and dramatic company. Once seated we treated people to an invitation to a play dice with us. The premise of the game and the premise of the cafe overall was that its customers became the actual delight. Once in the game they got ties into social and creative interventions that we facilitated but they had to manage. We provided the opportunity for those that came out to enjoy themselves and meet new people to meet people in unusual and obscure ways and bypass all the usual introduction and social awkwardness. Straight to the point and down to the bone people had to do stuff and they did it well. Throughout the night the cafe was transformed through encounters such as interviews and role plays, it changed face with doodles and creamy inventions and sing along, tongue tattoos and secret love letters were only a few to name. The rest we leave for your imagination and the hope that sometime we might enjoy a game with you. AIRimages had set up beside us, producing lively images with participants but over time they merged and our reciprocal appreciation turned into our first collaboration.

Collaborators: Sakura Tanaka and AIRimages

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