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Shared Practice X Tension are projects that emerge from the Shared Practice. While the Shared Practice is a time and a space to experiment without driving product creation, Exit Map's artists who participate, now and then, decide to deepen whatever curiosities they get incredibly excited about, to make into projects. 


Radical Inclusion 

Carolina Vasilikou and Laura Doehler

Research Residency October 2021

In Ponderosa, Germany

To further Ponderosa’s vision to connect to their neighbours and put Ponderosa on the map with its ability to give life to the unimagin-able (Utopia), we make space to accept what isn’t that. Permeability of otherness, directions of flows and the small openings that invite new connections. 



Performances, Classes and Interventions

Green Community Centre, London Feb 2020

Also, 'Towards a Regenerative Culture' proposed new ways to integrate movement, dance and social actions for social and environmental integration while readying body and mind to imagine a future together. 



Collective Action December 2019

The Green Community Centre, SE London

To mark the Christmas season as a period that can help us reflect on our consumption habits and actions, Exit Map took the initiative of the Conservation Volunteers (TVC) to plant trees. 

flyer Clothes Swap.png

Collective Action and Film Screening July 2019

The Green Community Centre, SE London

How many have not yet swapped clothes in their lives and have not yet heard about the impact sweat shops have? The world, simple as that, needs more clothes swaps.

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Talks, Interviews, performances, food and maps

Green Community Centre, London Feb 2019

A one day mini festival for and with the local community in collaboration with the Green, our local community centre in Nunhead, London

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Work in progress Sharing and Shared Practice

Green Community Centre, London 2018

The hub of artists who formed around the Shared Practice that Exit Map facilitates, shared their choreographic inquiries after holding space for the public to join or witness our practice.

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V.I.P Talk