Communities Dancing Together

We are proposing dance workshops for our local Hilly Fields Community to become what we dream to be and to taste all those dreams that are out there by trying out styles let it be pop culture or those long marginalised that deserve their place and recognition. Our intention is to share the dance and also conversations and information for a deeper dialogue and cultural integration.  


26th of September 2021 in Hilly Fields 11.30am

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You can dress in any way you like and we will bring the moves that stem from the 70's disco era where Waacking and Punking first emerged as street dance in the LGBT clubs in Los Angeles, US. With good old disco tunes we dance to celebrate our freedom of gender, celebrate being who we are and come together with everyone who is around and dares to play in this wonderfully eccentric and powerful way where your own style of being soft or strong, forward or mysterious can speak for itself.

Open to all. We will take plenty of time to get into the groove of things and time to just dance and dance more. Before and after is space to meet and talk  and throughout you will also get to know why these movements emerged in the way they did, what they speak for so as to acquire movement as a language that we can use to find together.  

The Birthday in the Birth 

All our upcoming Birth Parties invite you to claim it as your own birthday. This time it is Laura D's party - 40!!! - Exit Map's birth giver - who invites you all to come to Hilly Fields on the day or dance it out and about wherever you are taking the spirit of dance and growing and being together out into the world!

To let us know you want to come please write to and you'll be given all the info


The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever​

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever is an event held at locations around the world where participants recreate the music video for musician Kate Bush's 1978 song "Wuthering Heights". The event's inspiration is Shambush's The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience, which took place in 2013 in Brighton, as part of Brighton Fringe created by performance collective Shambush. Since then the event has been proposed across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia!

This year in Hilly Fields, London!

The income generated for this event goes to fundraise Exit Map to be able to continue its work of getting people out and about and dance and also to local charity Hilly Fields in London who do great work planting trees and getting the local community engaged to look after their local park. 

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