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"I thought both your guidance ⎛audio by Alice Labant and Tania Soubry⎞ and motivation recordings were just amazing, so engaging, immersing and inspiring.  Really brilliant. Yesterday (and even still now), I felt I was breathing like I was a kid again.  I don’t really do any exercise, I want to feel that feeling some more."

Daniel Van Alphen, participant at Moving On Composing with Climates by Alice + Boris Labant and Tania Soubry


Events coming up

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Artists: Simon Roth, Sara Ruddock, 

Tania Soubry and Amy Voris

Moving On Resonance

The audio of this event is now available as independent practice. You can book it here and take it to any park anytime. The booking remains open until the end of the month.


Moving On  Sensing Skin


Mountsfield Park, London

at 11.30-1pm

03.07.2022 booking 


Moving On  Sensing Skin


Mountsfield Park,


at 11.30-1pm

10.07.2022 booking 

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm


at 11.30-1pm

03.07.2022 booking


Moving On  Sensing Skin


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Moving On Dialogues

13th and 27th of June 2021, London and Liverpool

Artists: Mary Pearson, Alice Labant and Laura Doehler

Moving On … Staying Connected 08.10.2020 and 14/10/2020 12-2pm Hilly Fields

Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Mariana Camiloti and Sebastian Ruiz

And this is our trailer we made with people from our community when we were still working with headphones. Giving voice and visibility to each  experience it shows how the feeling of connection of body to land and movement created a new alternative and way forward

Moving On Movie!

Florent Venet, participant of many Moving On's projects says:

"Moving On is a dance meet-up in the park. You are accompanied by professional dancers guiding you through a movement score. Rather than being the usual jumpy and poppy workout, Moving On is a meditative, introspective and vulnerable process. Wether you are deep into contemporary dance or not, it will be a novel experience of discoveries."

Why not try this audio excerpt in your park with a friend? If you like it, get in touch

This audio was part of Moving On Pulse, an audio project that featured in total 3 dance artists and took place in London, Bristol, Marseille and Athens

Audio artist: Laura Doehler

Music: On the Road by Philippe Lenzini, Album Hinterland 2017 

How Moving On came about

We started Moving On in lockdown to make sure dancers could still dance and then realised, how in turn we opened this opportunity to make our whole community dance; how it transcends lockdown because the value of moving freely outdoors with others and nature, grows and nurtures our relationships. These audios are conceived by local dance artists with UK wide dance artists being invited as guests to disseminate the spirit across the country and across communities. The content are improvisation scores that, via sensory input and experiential anatomy, install embodied reflections to perceive movement as a state of aliveness and a time of union. You can engage in it by moving and witnessing or do both whenever it feels right. During the 1.5 hours, you adapt what you hear to your needs to enjoy nature as dance partner wherein both, you and nature, have agency. Moving On makes you feel the strength and courage that grows from collective action and acts like a danced climate march because we draw attention to being with nature more consciously. Yet, other than in marches, you won't get cold but feel rejuvenated and elated.

Moving On invites people from all walks of life to join us and get to know how we navigate and make sense of the world as movers. Together we create and strengthen a community made up of all who seek new ways to move on …

Past events

Since September 2020 we installed a regular outdoor movement practice with Moving On for dancers and non dancers alike. These are our past projects:

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Moving On Together

8th of May and 15th of May 2022 in London

22nd of May Manchester

Artist: Laura Doehler, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Marina Collard

Moving On Remembering is a spacious audio by Laura Doehler that invites you to connect to body and space as a reminder of the very basics that we need to look after and connect to. It is an audio that acknowledges the transient nature, how all will go and new things come, where presence, the here and now, shouldn't be forgotten but celebrated.  

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Moving On Composing with Climates

28/11 and 05/12/2021 In London and St Jean D'Angely

Artists: Alice and Boris Labant and Tania Soubry


Moving On Falling Into Spring
25th of April and 2nd of May in London, Bristol and Marseille

Artists: Laura Doehler, Sara Ruddock, Sara Wookey and Tania Soubry


Moving On Traces 11th and 18th of April in London, Bristol, Athens, Patras and Marseille

Artists: Alice Labant, Ierene Fiodilino, Jan-Ming Lee and Laura Doehler


Moving On Pulse 28.03. and 04.04.2021 in London, Bristol, Marseille and Athens

Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Laura Doehler


Moving on Music Medley
Hilly Fields, Hampstead Heath and Further Afield
28.02.2021 and 07.03.2021


Moving On to Open Waters
audio London and Marseille
31.01.2021 and 07.02.2021

Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Laura Doehler


Moving On Inside

A last audio guide of the year Hilly Fields 27/12/2020

Artists: Laura Doehler


Moving On Roots
22/11/2020 and 28/11/2020
12- 2pm Hilly Fields

Artists: Alice Labant, Helena Webb, Laura Doehler and Mariana Camiloti

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Moving On Remembering

27th of Feb and 20th of March 2022 in London

Artist: Laura Doehler 


Moving On Treempathy

18th and 25th of July in London and Liverpool and Wales

Artists: Kirstie Simson, Vanio Papadelli and Laura Doehler


Moving On Conversations
23rd of May and 30th of May and 6th of June in London, Bristol and Liverpool

Artists: Laura Doehler


Moving On Mapping
9th of May and 16th of May in London, Bristol and Marseille, Athens and Liverpool

Artists: Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Laura Doehler, Nancy Nerantzi and Sofie Narbed


Moving On The Edge 14 and 21.03. in London, Liverpool, Bristol and Athens

Artists: Alice Labant, Gordon Raeburn, Mary Pearson and Laura Doehler


Moving On Air
London, Marseille, Afield
14.01.2021 and 21.02.2021

Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Sofie Narbed and Vanio Papadelli


Moving On Fiction

First audio guide of the year in Hilly Fields and Hampstead Heath 27/12/2020

Artists: Alice Labant, Laura Doehler, Sara Wookey and Tania Soubry


Moving On Dancing

06/12/2020 and 13/12/2020 Hilly Fields London 

Artists: Alice Labant, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Helena Webb and Laura Doehler


Moving On … And Hanging Out 20/09/2020 Hilly Fields London

Moving On …
With Nature 18/10/2020 12-2pm Hilly Fields