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  • We + Us | Exit Map

    People VISION OF US - COMMUNITY ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ MANAGEMENT - CORE ARTISTS ​ ​ ​ Each project, like Moving On and the Shared Practice, is governed by the directors, a hub of artists and the community. Although much of the management rests with the managing director Laura, the vision is to collaboratively develop and manage the work from within together by incorporating dialogues, feedback time and structures. That way personal ideas and proposals are contextualised and new work can emerge as we allow personal and artistic boundaries to fade. We are, very gently, probing the independent artist image ... ​ Everyone is welcome and considered a member. If you want to join a meeting or the advisory board just let us know. However with making the distinction between members and therefore non-members allows the following. Being a member we will more proactively make sure you are in all the email threads you want to be in, keep you up to date and effectively support you as you support us with ideas and connections. Financially your membership can support the work we do and simultaneously provide you with more opportunities. The most important ingredient however to become a member is interest. Money aside, we love to hear from you no matter what. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Member

  • Laura Teaching | Exit Map

    Laura Doehler Teacher REGULAR UK TEACHING - current Lecturer of Movement HE at the National Centre of Circus Arts, London Lecturer of Contemporary Dance in HE at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Siobhan Davies Dance, Open Contemporary Course, London Guest lecturer at Central School of Speech and Drama London: Somatic Set Design CI facilitator at TripSpace and London Contact Improvisation (Covid hold) INDEPENDENT TEACHING and FACILITATION ​ Shared Practice with Exit Map Collective - professional development via studio based movement explorations every Monday in SE London ​ Moving On with Exit Map Collective - outdoor version of the Shared Practice facilitated via audio guides that Exit Map dance artists conceive collectively ​ Contact Improvisation meets Release Technique workshops: Over the past 15 years Laura has taught CI internationally via Intensive programs in Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Germany, Cyprus, Czech Republic and UK. ​ Cyr seeks CI , movement research how CI prepares Cyr circus artists to explore and develop their work with publication in Contact Quarterly and video link: ​ Perform(d)ance - coaching and choreographing teenagers who are from a less advantaged backgrounds to empower via creative and physical engagements and inspire working with dance. These evening lengths productions took place in Germany, Stralsund facilitated via a team of professional dance artists and classic orchestration Fremd 2013/14 Mein Name is Mensch 2013 Moondog 2010

  • Dice Cafe | Exit Map

    Dice Cafe – dicing with tarts In Area 10 Peckham we set up a cafe rich with cake and decor. We enticed people to come closer for food and dramatic company. Once seated we treated people to an invitation to a play dice with us. The premise of the game and the premise of the cafe overall was that its customers became the actual delight. Once in the game they got ties into social and creative interventions that we facilitated but they had to manage. We provided the opportunity for those that came out to enjoy themselves and meet new people to meet people in unusual and obscure ways and bypass all the usual introduction and social awkwardness. Straight to the point and down to the bone people had to do stuff and they did it well. Throughout the night the cafe was transformed through encounters such as interviews and role plays, it changed face with doodles and creamy inventions and sing along, tongue tattoos and secret love letters were only a few to name. The rest we leave for your imagination and the hope that sometime we might enjoy a game with you. AIRimages had set up beside us, producing lively images with participants but over time they merged and our reciprocal appreciation turned into our first collaboration. ​ Collaborators : Sakura Tanaka and AIRimages Back to Archive

  • Alice Labant | Exit Map

    Alice Labant Since Autumn 2020 Alice has been with Exit Map writing and recording for the audio guides. Alice Labant (1991) graduated from Trinity Laban and is the recipient of the Marion North Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance and the Excellent Dancer Prize. Alongside working with Mara Vivas and Angela Woodhouse and being part of Medeber Teatro – avisual theatre company- she has recently worked with Gary Stevens, Charles Linehan, Vania Gala, Sonia Boyce, Owen Parry, Tony Thatcher and Marina Collard. ​ Drawing from several art fields, she creates choreography works trying to depict with playfulness the discontinuous functioning of the mind. ​ She is collaborating on performances or films with visual artists, videographers and musicians. At present and since 2018 she researchs and creates works with dancer and musician Gordon D. RAEBURN ( Swallowsfeet collective). She has performed in iternational venues such as the ICA (London), NUS (Singapore), Norwegian National Opera (Oslo), TanzZeit at Podewil (Berlin), Alserkal Avenue (Dubai), La Villa Arson (Nice- France), Royal Society of Sculptors (London), Richmix (London), MAC (Birmingham) Tripspace (London), the National Museum of Belgrade (Serbia), The Old Market and Fabrica (Brighton – UK) The Place (London), the Nouveau Monde (Fribourg, Switzerland), La Coursive (La Rochelle, France), United – C (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and L’horizon (La Rochelle, France).

  • What's On | Exit Map

    ​ What's On Shared Practice click here for dates, info and how to join Openly Spaced Out Always open and free for you to join and create the practice you are interested in with your local community. Archive Online For you to explore how Shared Practice led to Openly Spaced Out and Moving ON Architectures of Togetherness A project initiated in Pondeosa, Germany, it continues to grow with our glocal community. Collective Movements An open level evening class in improvisation where different teachers offer different lenses and explorations into how solo work rests within the collective.

  • Tree Planting | Exit Map

    Tree Planting Where movement meets action... ​ To meet the upcoming festive season instead of chopping trees we planted trees. We took part of the National tree planting challenge and built planters with young Hawthorn trees with our local community to inspire environmental consciousness. A reminder that there is joy in collective action and that we all can contribute to something positive for ourselves, others and our future generations. With hammers and saws, this produced a wonderful joint effort, where breath and shared creation stirred conversations about ecology and social issues. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Alongside we intervened with the public outdoor space where the Green community centre spills into the street. Over the day, many were drawn in as they passed by and helped putting the boxes together, the soil into place or the trees at the end. ​ The Mayor of Southwark joined and opened this new green phase with a ceremonial scissor snap of a red ribbon. Community members named the trees: Andrew, Toto, Offee and Amazon. These are now the new members of the Green and will be looked after just like the guests who enter every day. On the outside of the boxes we put the faces of all who helped. Back to Archive

  • Live Social Networking Station | Exit Map

    Live Social Networking Station At Fishtank Festival, Rag Factory ​ Rather than succumbing to the typical "Stick to Your Own Syndrome" at parties, we went the extra mile to foster genuine connections among guests. We enticed them away from their screens, guiding them on a journey through the venue, encouraging conversations with us and fellow guests. The moment a connection sparked, we ushered them into our booth, where we adorned them and presented a one-of-a-kind photo experience that captured the essence of the moment. Each interaction became a memorable and distinctive encounter. Our conversations thrived on daring speculations about identities, origins, and journeys, constructing a towering edifice of imagination ready to be unleashed and immortalized in our photo sessions. It was a feat of social captivation. With expert finesse, we orchestrated introductions, bringing together individuals and small groups, while our photos stood as living testimonials, freezing these moments in time. The questions of 'Who are you,' 'How do I perceive you,' and 'What do you think of me' provided rich material to explore. Through the lens of the camera, we delicately examined the nuances of representation, offering a unique perspective for outsiders to appreciate. ​ Collaborators: Bettina John, concept, performer and costume, Jaime Leme, concept, photography and performer, Maria Vargas, Make-up artist, performer, Laura Doehler, concept, performance Back to Archive

  • Moving On Resonance Artists | Exit Map

    Moving On Resonance Artists From left to right: Amy Voris, Tania Soubry, Sara Ruddock, Simon Roth Amy Voris: Amy Voris is a contemporary dance-maker based in Manchester. Her practice is process-oriented and collaborative, driven by the desire to develop enduring relationships with people, with places and with movement material. Examples of current projects include a site-responsive project (enter & inhabit ), a collaboration with a jewellery maker (flockOmania ) and a collaboration exploring artist-led curation for experimental performance practices (Accumulations ). In 2012, Amy completed training in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley which informs her approach to making and collaborating. ​ Tania Soubry: I am a trans-disciplinary artist, performer and choreographer, working with the body, movement, atmospheres, voice and sound. Through sensuousness, humour and solidarity, my practice and work are motivated by a political ecology of things and by a poetic re-enchantment of the world. Following tensions, curiosities and desires, I tend to the vitality and relation of human and more-than-human, as well as to the joy and pleasure of dance as a liberating force. Preoccupied with regeneration on an individual, social and global level, I work with eco-feminism and fictive imagination to deal with the present and create possibilities. ​ Sara Ruddock: Sara Ruddock is a Swedish artist working with dance and choreography as vibrational and relational practices, as a performer, choreographer and educator/facilitator. Professionally active in the field of dance and choreography since 2002, creating and performing a number of solo works and collaborative projects with other artists, and dancing with a range of choreographers such as Deborah Hay and Julie Cunningham. Educated mainly at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts [BA, MFA]. Currently a PhD candidate at Roehampton University researching listening as embodied, multi-dimensional and relational practice, and the transformative potentials of resonance and resistance. ​ Simon Roth: I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and curator, known primarily as a drummer in the Contemporary and Klezmer music scenes. I have performed all over the world and feature on several critically acclaimed recordings. I have written, released and performed my own work through Mayday Project, Stories and Land of If. I have staged interdisciplinary arts events as Pop-Up Circus (now Soapbox Circus) and in collaboration with JW3, Dash Arts and Brick Box. I work regularly with Play for Progress, a charity that uses music and creative therapies to build healthy and resilient relationships that support and amplify the voices of unaccompanied refugees and asylum-seekers. I am working on my first theatre solo show, ‘Behind the Beat’ (it’s basically me trying to set up a drum kit on stage plus distractions). I developed this with Haley McGee during a residency at Canada Water Theatre. I have also been learning DIY instrument building with sound artist Leafcutter John. and make radio shows for Faff FM. ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Community Engagement | Exit Map

    Community Engagement to grow connections and expand common ground ​ Exit Map offers workshops to communities and cultural organisations to move on or return to conversations about who, why and where we arrived for what to happen. These workshops facilitate processes that organisations engage with to empower members, volunteers and organisers by exploring personal and shared purpose, values and infrastructures. Our aim is to foster practices that enable a full participation of its people and their environment, to meet challenges and change. ​ Do get in touch if you would like to invite us to work wit h your community or organisation. ​ Read on for what we offer and who we are working with. ​ A community is a whole made of many; its parts empowered to act or aiming at diverse equalities because ahead of us lies a winding path of discrimination and hierarchies paved in our past. For safe passage we need rites, practices and performances to allow us to acknowledge and remember our shared humanity and histories. Involving the body through somatic practices, in-person contact and lived experiences, we bring the whole of us, our emotional landscapes, our sensory sense making back into view to enable transparent empathetic conversations. On that ground we may perceive ‘us’ as a felt experience, in real time and space, and we imagine coexistence, expanding on existing ideas and adopting our actions. We want to support organisations who share this ethos and generosity to fully integrate everyone including the more- than -human towards a life-centric rather then people- centric vision. Fo llowing the eco-logical principle of growth and meeting the deeply entangled complex systems of human, ecological and technological nature, we engage the ever increasing plurality of perspectives by engaging the multiplicity of our senses and functions that bodies, nature and life overall provide us with. Exit Map is a community of practice that holds the expertise of somatic movement practitioners, group facilitators and teachers to build a safe container for you to encounter personal and organisational matters; a community in and of itself that thrives through co-learning and trust. We connect to each other and to you to catalyse action towards regeneration by envisioning together what individually we wouldn't be able to see. Our work is to enable you to become a community of practice for ongoing regeneration to root and grow, making space for change. ​ ​ These projects listed underneath are examples and reflections we invite you to join either by reading or participating. Do get in touch if you want to participate or if you have a community group you want us to meet. ​ Imagine ​ project Glengall Wharf Garden , Peckham London, UK ​ It is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. A space for local residents, it offers volunteer gardening sessions, workshops and grows food through permaculture and forest gardening. Sustainability and ecological welfare are core to the garden’s philosophy to develop the site as a place to build skills, community and wellbeing for all. ​ We ask What social and spatial infrastructures in this urban yet natural environment hold which kind of opportunities for connections between people from varied backgrounds and ages and their respective locality to emerge? ​ Addressing the vision of co-authoring public urban spaces to identify common ground, we will initiate activities of social and creative encounters to explore how participants imagine activities to shape spaces to deal with climate change and counter isolation. A commission and collaboration with the Place that will co-facilitate during 10 days in April and May 2024 with a performance sharing at the end. If you are interested to be part and experience this community do get in touch. project Ponderosa Tanzland, Stolzenhagen, DE ​ ​ This workshop took place in late Spring 2023 and provided a contrast to a weighted climate discussion. Coming back to folk dances as a secular ritual or community practice, the space got infused with laughter as we spun around in Caleigh formations. It counter acted the depression we experience when looking at the looming climate dilemma. It is so important to ask what practices we employ to deal with what kind of information so we can DEAL with it. How do we enable meetings so that we can feel the trouble yet not loose courage to act and make things happen? It was also a time to reflect how Ponderosa is embarking on their change of leadership and methodologies of collective organisation. You can read here on non-linear thoughts and developments. project Moving On Funded by Arts Council England, we offered community workshops as part of the project Moving On for residents of housing co-operatives and council tenants of Lewisham and Southwalk (London, UK). The aim was to stimulate a relationship to their local green spaces for new ways of understanding natural habitats as part of home and community. We journeyed to local parks, cemeteries or inhabited adjacent/ included green spaces to move together and reflect how our relationships to people and environment shifted. What does it mean to embed such spaces into our lives? What practices do we share and which conscious choices may enable us to linger and embrace company more? New Cross - Lewisham Besson Community Centre has a community garden that we dwelled in. We also ventured out into neighbouring Nunhead and visited the local gem Nunhead cemetery. We invited Lewisham Housing Association tenants, visitors of the centre and Ivy Club members, an elderly group in Nunhead. ​ Peckham - Southwalk Cossall Hall is the community centre for a whole council housing estate which features green spaces like a park and smaller green interludes. Dancing where houses meet trees, gave agency to participants and natural space as place of encounters. Ladywell - Lewisham Olan Trust, an umbrella for various housing co-operatives like Chudleigh co-op for instance, was able to bring its Lewisham and Southwalk based members together. We walked up Hilly Fields, moved, ate and talked while leisurely and informally getting to know the people of the wider network. ​ New Cross - Lewisham Nettleton Road Housing Co-op is a street of houses with wonderful big gardens but little communal spaces. Walking up to Telegraph Hill with residents we see and feel how this park is a common ground for people to come together and hang out where there is space to move and expand with body and mind. New Cross - Lewisham Sanford Housing Co-op has a garden that connects all the houses, nurturing a well connected community. We nevertheless took residents further out to their local train strip meadow space which offers open land, a big sky and the opportunity to spread out from an otherwise compact living situation Nunhead, Southwalk The Green Community centre is home to many communities. The Ivy club is a group of elderly who like to chat in the main hall for a long coffee morning. We took them into the garden and it turned out they had not been there for a long time. They hugged the tree, stretched out and thanked us for the reminder. We also connected to the Lewisham based housing co-operatives Deptford and Three Boroughs who we invited to the gardens of the Albany centre and afterwards to the local beach at the Thames. Also Phoenix Housing Association whose residents we took to experience Beckenham Place Park as well as organised meetups in Leeds and Manchester for residents from various co-operatives to enjoy meadows and parks.

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