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Moving On Resonance Artists

Sara Ruddock.jpg

From left to right: Amy Voris, Tania Soubry, Sara Ruddock, Simon Roth

Amy Voris:

Amy Voris is a contemporary dance-maker based in Manchester. Her practice is process-oriented and collaborative, driven by the desire to develop enduring relationships with people, with places and with movement material. Examples of current projects include a site-responsive project (enter & inhabit), a collaboration with a jewellery maker (flockOmania) and a collaboration exploring artist-led curation for experimental performance practices (Accumulations). In 2012, Amy completed training in Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy with Linda Hartley which informs her approach to making and collaborating.


Tania Soubry:

I am a trans-disciplinary artist, performer and choreographer, working with the body, movement, atmospheres, voice and sound. Through sensuousness, humour and solidarity, my practice and work are motivated by a political ecology of things and by a poetic re-enchantment of the world. Following tensions, curiosities and desires, I tend to the vitality and relation of human and more-than-human, as well as to the joy and pleasure of dance as a liberating force. Preoccupied with regeneration on an individual, social and global level, I work with eco-feminism and fictive imagination to deal with the present and create possibilities.

Sara Ruddock:

Sara Ruddock is a Swedish artist working with dance and choreography as vibrational and relational practices, as a performer, choreographer and educator/facilitator. 

Professionally active in the field of dance and choreography since 2002, creating and performing a number of solo works and collaborative projects with other artists, and dancing with a range of choreographers such as Deborah Hay and Julie Cunningham.

Educated mainly at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts [BA, MFA]. Currently a PhD candidate at Roehampton University researching listening as embodied, multi-dimensional and relational practice, and the transformative potentials of resonance and resistance.

Simon Roth:

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and curator, known primarily as a drummer in the Contemporary and Klezmer music scenes. I have performed all over the world and feature on several critically acclaimed recordings. I have written, released and performed my own work through Mayday Project, Stories and Land of If. I have staged interdisciplinary arts events as Pop-Up Circus (now Soapbox Circus) and in collaboration with JW3, Dash Arts and Brick Box. I work regularly with Play for Progress, a charity that uses music and creative therapies to build healthy and resilient relationships that support and amplify the voices of unaccompanied refugees and asylum-seekers. I am working on my first theatre solo show, ‘Behind the Beat’ (it’s basically me trying to set up a drum kit on stage plus distractions). I developed this with Haley McGee during a residency at Canada Water Theatre. I have also been learning DIY instrument building with sound artist Leafcutter John. and make radio shows for Faff FM.



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