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Moving on by creating dialogues with local residents

Olan Homes

Olan Homes

Exit Map connects to you and organizations that support communities and social housing residents in Lewisham London, Manchester and Leeds to create a fabric of social cohesion. Together we thread networks to keep people safe, supported and free to expand their of home by making the wider neighbourhood to be an integrated part of what we call our own and by renewing our relationships with people and  places. 


-  2.5 hour workshop by artists who create Moving On installations  

- to facilitate a journey to get you out into your local green spaces with your neighbours

- to connect to people and places in new ways with plenty of time to exchange and meet.


~We offer an embodiment - a state of togetherness that is at core physical, active and regenerative. Based on Moving On, we turn to our local environment, with housing co-operatives, associations as well as community centres as hosts as they support their residents and/ or local community to imagine a shared future where we move on together as a collective body - where all are welcome and where nature forms an extension of all of us.~


Workshop with Olan Homes

Lewisham, London

Workshop with Sanford Co-op

Lewisham, London


11.30am - 2pm 

Open to residents of Sanford Housing Co-op and locals

Facilitator: Laura Doehler and Dan Nicholls

3pm - 6pm
Open to Olan Homes residents
Facilitator: Laura Doehler
Read on who, where and for whom we offer FREE workshops. Listings will be updated with new hosts throughout the coming months. 
And underneath more information if you want to host one!

2 Workshops with
Besson Street Community Garden 

Lewisham, London
to book a FREE ticket click on the date



11.30am - 2pm

Open to local residents

Facilitator: Sara Ruddock


11.30am - 2pm

Open local residents



11.30am - 2pm 

Open to residents of Nettleton housing Co-op, and local residents 

Facilitator: Tania Soubry



after the audio (around 1.30) until 3pm

Open to residents and community members from and around

Boggart Hole Clough Park

Facilitator: Amy Voris

meanwood farm.png


11.00am - 1.30pm 

Open to residents and community members from and around

Meanwood Valley Farm

Facilitator: Vanessa Grasse

flyer Phoenix (1).png


4pm - 6.30pm 

Open to Three Borough co-op residents and community members from and around the Albany. As part of the workshop we will walk to Deptford beach!



11am - 1.30pm 

Open to community members from and around the Green. As part of the workshop we will walk to Nunhead Cemetry.

Do you want to bring a workshop to your own Lewisham/ Leeds or Manchester community?

If you are a group of people who form part of a local community or if you have a space like a community centre or housing initiative and you want to offer this opportunity to your group and/ or local community just email us:

There is nothing that you need but the enthusiasm to make it happen!

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