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  • Anne-Gaelle Thiriot | Exit Map

    Anne-Gaelle Thiriot co-director of Exit Map Dance and Performance artist, teacher and choreographer Anne-Gaëlle is an independent dance artist based in London and, since late 2020, in Marseille. She is interested in the potential of movement and architecture to create and bring communities together, and is hungry for bodies and non-hierarchical ways of working. These days she is creating work through investigating the notion of Public Intimacies (how to create intimate collective experiences in the public space, given the current climate), and ways to engage with, enliven and embody the archives of Contact Improvisation (namely the Contact Quarterly revues). She mainly works through collaborations. Anne-Gaëlle graduated from Trinity Laban in 2008 and continued learning with great release and Contact Improvisation teachers, travelling across Europe (Michal Mualem and Giannalberto De Filippis/Sasha Waltz and Guests, Jeremy Nelson, Simona Bertozzi, Didier Silhol, Kirstie Simson, Julyen Hamilton, Lisa Nelson, etc.) and teaches CI since 2011. In 2016 and 2018 she worked with Nancy Stark-Smith on GLIMPSE, a research and performance project of the Underscore in the USA. She is a certified choreologist (specialist of Laban-based contemporary theory and practice) and has been a guest lecturer for Trinity Laban, Roehampton and Winchester University. A dancer, teacher, facilitator and choreographer, she presently works with Andrew Graham (L’Autre Maison), Mathilde Monfreux, Compagnie Libertivore and Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, and also organises the project Le FIL: Training & Open Studio in Marseille, with fellow dancer Julien Dégremont. Among the artists/companies she has collaborated with in the UK are Joe Moran, Simonetta Alessandri, Laura Doehler, h2dance, Annie Lok, Tara D’Arquian, Dirty Market Theatre, Lisa May Thomas, Laila Diallo, Noa Zamir, Charlotte Spencer, Jay Yule, Petra Söör, Akshay Sharma, and Candoco Dance Company. Her personal work has been performed in UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Chile, Iraqi Kurdistan and Germany

  • Architectures of togetherness | Exit Map

    Archive Dinner of Doing Things ​ ​ This project was jointly conceived by the Exit Map community who created the zine Architectures of Togetherness where processes consisted of sharing dinners and conversations about our connections to others and environment. It reflected on our day to day movements, existing initiatives, living spaces, needs, Covid, information speed and how the drawing of intentional and spatial boundaries impacts us. It inspired us to find ways to soften yet respect social and spatial boundaries that support the individual and simultaneously renew a sense of collectivity. ​ The Dinner of Doing Things is a format where a group of people gets organized to visit each other at home. Whoever is being visited shall articulate a need of theirs that the others offer help with. The need could address the home space directly such as gardening but could also be expanded to support any kind of need and may express itself in conversations, body work or project/ work support. The deal was sealed with food that we shared. The aim was to somehow de-privatize our home space by co-authoring it. To make ourselves feel more welcome or even just able to visit people who live nearby and share the outlook of wanting to do things together. And of course, get things done. To open your home however and invert our social imprint of presenting a perfect home, cleaning before guests come and preparing food to instead open doors and share what we need help with and welcome our guests delicious gifts, was not easy. It showed that there is a long way to go to arrive with each other the way we are and feel. Without preparing or altering our image, it revealed the intimacy hidden in admitting our own fragility that in the end nurtures our togetherness and brings us closer. ​ Would you like to try? ​ It continues when there is people who want to do the same. If you would like to be involved, let us know. ​ Many Thanks to all who joined: Dagmara Bilon, Alexandra Baybutt, Thomas Herzmark, Joanna Flannery and daughter, Will Lang, Karen McCarthy, Emi Silvas, Katie Dodthing, Mao Mao Ju, Ziquing

  • Moving On Sensing Skin Artists | Exit Map

    Moving On Sensing Skin Artists left to right/ top to bottom dance artists Alice Labant, Vanessa Grasse, Vanio Papadelli and sound artist Evert Taihuttu/ Avon Terra Alice Labant: Recipient of the Marion North Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance and the Excellent Dancer Prize. Alongside working with Mara Vivas and Angela Woodhouse and being part of Medeber Teatro - a visual theatre company- she researches and creates works with dancer and musician Gordon D. Raeburn , the Swallowsfeet Collective. Drawing from several art fields and often in collaboration with other creative professionals , she creates choreographic works that depict with playfulness the discontinuous functioning of the mind. Alice has recently been writing for and recording audio guides featured in Moving On events internationally ( Exit Map) developing a poetic and at core moving language that touches on our ways to engage and perceive ourselves in nature. ​ Vanessa Grasse: Explores the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation, as a vehicle for somatic experiencing, engaging with public spaces and bringing communities together. She engages in site-responsive, ecological, improvisational, participatory, and cross-disciplinary approaches, with an interest in how we inhabit places and coexist with others, acknowledging our relational and entangled nature with environments, and with human and non-human communities. her work has been commissioned by Yorkshire Dance, Dance 4, The Great Exhibition of The North, Dance City and Badischer Kunstverein (Germany) amongst others and toured across the UK, Europe and East Asia. Her recent project series The Land We Are was selected for Leeds Dance Partnership Fellowship, Dance Partner Project at Yorkshire Dance and received ACE funding. It offers experiences of ecology and relationship with the more-than-human world via choreographic works, workshops and collaborations between artists and environmental experts. https://performativities.inf o ​ Vanio Papadelli: Is a movement and theatre artist based in London and a regular lecturer in Higher Education (Goldsmiths, Rose Bruford College and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance). She teaches movement, devising and embodied approaches to writing inspired by somatic movement and dance, yoga, Eastern European theatre and Contact Improvisation. Her performance work explores memory, vulnerability and candidness in human relationships by fusing autobiography and fiction through movement, sound, video projections, and poetic texts. ​ Evert Taihuttu: Alias Avon Terra is a dutch-moluccan multimedia artist and sound engineer based in London. Since graduating from the Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam and the School of Sound Engineering he has been recording music artists across a wide range of genres encompassing everything between classical and punk music. He has also been involved in a variety of music production projects while always producing his own music, through which he investigates the relationship between nature, science and art. His main influences have been Aphex Twin, Björk and Portishead. His approach is always cross-disciplinarily and aims to build communities. ​

  • Clothes Swap | Exit Map

    Clothes Swap Performance artist Mary Pearson is rooting research and work in understanding environmental trauma that Laura Doehler, co-director of Exit Map, is part of. This this trauma of not knowing how to move on, feeling helpless and utterly unable to evoke change, means we do not act upon it. Repeatedly we are seeing that the news are no longer news but that our life styles are also not changing substantially enough on a personal, business or wider political level. What we recognize is that we need to create journeys into change and help facilitate these actions for people to feel empowered not only stunned. ​ Our clothes Swap was an event where throughout the day people brought clothes and took clothes in return. They lingered for cakes and chats that led them to anticipate how entertaining and easy enough a clothes swap is, to counter the consumption habits of buying clothes. To make sure people knew just how impactful the clothe industries are, how sweatshops are environmental disasters and how lives are destroyed through cheap labour and pollution, we screened The True Cost; a moving and insightful documentary that you can find on Netflix in case you too want some clarity or help people make better choices. Back to Archive

  • Tania Soubry | Exit Map

    Tania Soubry Co-director of Exit Map Dance and performance artist, choreographer and teacher. ​ Emerging from the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, Tania studied at SEAD and LABAN, danced with EDge at London Contemporary Dance School (MA in Contemporary Dance Performance) and completed an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. She received danceWeb in 2002 and completed a one year Boost program through Trois C-L, consisting of 8 residencies in Europe for the project beat’n’shine in 2013/14: ​ ​ Tania did the Deborah Hay solo adaptation project and a placement with Trisha Brown Company. She danced with the following companies: Vedanza, Zephyr in Zanussi, Small Room Dance, Kimatica, the postgraduate company EDge (working with Rachel Krische, Rosemary Butcher, Rosemary Lee, Fillip Van Huffel, Gabriela Tropier and Jonathan Lunn) and (dance) artists: Tino Seghal, Vangelis Legakis, Annick Pütz, Gianfranco Celestino, Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, Meredith Nadler, Simonetta Alessandri. She also worked in collaborations and within the collectives Explorer and the Conway Collective. Since 2003 her performance work has been shown in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong- Wholly / it (instead of twenty-one-words) / Back to the roots with Jimy / Two people coming together / I’ll crane for you / soulsongdances. ​ ​ She participated in the choreographic research and composition program entitled Prototype II, “Vocal presence in choreographic scores”, at Royaumont, in France, October 2014-September 2015, and she is a resident dance and movement artist within the Artists’ Support Programme at the Conway Hall in Holborn, October 2014 – February 2016. ​ ​ She teaches dance, more info here: classes and workshops and teaching CV . ​ ​ She is particularly interested in, and the relation between, music, song, sound, voice and singing, rhythm, movement, dance, performance and the body. ​ ​ Within this she is interested in the movement of our consciousness, perceptions and reflections, a verbal , thinking, political, soulful, spiritual and environmental voice. ​ ​ She is further interested in creating experiences and immersive worlds through characters and situations, as well as rituals, healing, body work, transformative and social/communal projects. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Artists | Exit Map

    Core artists Co-directors ​ Laura Doehler, managing director ​ Tania Soubry ​ Anne-Gaelle Thiriot ​ Advisory board Alice Labant Sara Ruddock Elisa Vassena

  • Shared Practice | Exit Map

    Shared Practice ​ “In doing it, it gives me clarification.” Lauren Potter ​ The Shared Practice is a non-profit dedicated space to explore personal curiosities in movement and dancing. The outcome is defined by the intension you bring which might rest in the desire to develop improvisation, technique or simply dance. We gain a deeper understanding of our embodied experiences by passing through stages of sense making, observing attention and engaging in conversations before and after. Open to all. ​ Time: Fridays 11.15-13.15pm Place: Telegraph Hill Community Centre ​ Fee: £8/ drop in - for bookings follow this link £7 if you sign up beginning of each term for the classes you want to attend - email until 07.04.2024 £40 if you are cash fluid, support the scheme and want to come whenever you like. ​ Current term Spring 2024 26.04. 03.05. 10.05 . 17.05 24.05 31.05 What's next: Email (ref Shared Practice + name) when you want to join. A couple of ground rules: ​ please come on time. It makes a difference starting together and having time to arrive. Ideally come 15 min early to settle in. there is a facilitator, Laura, to hold the space, guide the stages and answer open questions. at the start and the end we will come together to enter and exit collectively. it is a silent space where the sounds of breath and to some extend sounding are welcome but … sound can be very distracting and if you do use sound please keep in mind that others are right beside you sharing it and it will influence their work. At the same time being free to sound as you move also matters, so effectively we ask you to make wise choices and to speak your mind if something becomes too much for you to manage your own explorations. for the last 40 min we make use of music to benefit from the energy it gives us. Sometimes we have one musician with us who is taking care of music via live mixing but if not we take care of the music together via our own libraries like Spotify and we welcome people taking turn dj-ing. there are kitchen and toilet facilities, the studio is on the first floor floor and unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

  • Zine - FOOD: HUNGRY FOR CHANGE | Exit Map

    ZINE – Hungry for Change About food: ​ We enter the shop and we we choose between dread and boredom, we might simply get on with it as fast as we can although some of us like to explore a little – yet how little can take us far enough? ​ There will be guilt, no matter what. We are confused but not alone and so we talk about it make food make a zine about food change the way we consume food What’s good nutrition, does organic really matter, where does it come from, what’s its environmental impact, who made it and what did they earn and actually what does it mean to put things into yourself and into others, how does it affect the way we think about body and mind, about drinking eating warmth with being social and giving food with honest generosity, not the fake cheap chocolate smile. What is it’s true cost? So Zine came as a sparkle of an idea to brighten the very festive season – x-mas – where that befuddlement of consumption is at its greatest and most voluminous bastardised self. This is a little trail on how we managed to put it together: We collected stuff that has come up , after a dinner with friends who were interested to join and produce a Zine in exchange for buying silly presents. We collected names here and the idea was that people chose what they wanted to write or draw about concerning food and we linked up names with interests for everyone to see what each others projects were. Next dinner, we brought the mess to the table. ​ These were practical items we needed people to respect: Use an A4 page horizontal format because that folded in half should make a good Zine size. Specify if you want to write or draw or do both – that way someone could see that Mr X only doing writing so maybe they could do a drawing to their subject or vice versa. Any amount is welcome – you can write a two liner, bring in random quotes or abstract drawings. However if you bring in writing longer than A4 capacity we need to shorten it a little. Yes we do want political correctness in making sure we don’t provide feeble research. Do not come with under researched facts although questions and ‘what we don’t know’ always has relevance is welcome. The writing style is yours, you can be blunt, you can be discreet, you can only write questions, or maybe you are desperate – that’s fine. Before we print it we will exchange and proof read but that is it… best part about it, we changed the way we consume food. The housing cooperative I live in is vegan and vegetarian and we order our food together every month -bulk from SUMA – and from a very good veg delivery scheme. A huge cut down on boring shops and a good share of communal cooking. Back to Archive

  • Dance | Exit Map

    About us... Exit Map is a n artistic platform for collaborative and participative processes wherein dance cultivates meaningful connections amongst people and the more- than- human natural worl d. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Together we foster symbiotic relationships among artists, the environment and people to grow a network of interconnectedness that transcends the impact of one's individual movements and actions. As a collective of individual artists, we share unique perspectives and tools towards a collective body where each one of us brings in fresh approaches to everyday encounters, our collective history, present circumstances and future aspirations. Leaving preconceived performances and solitary visions behind, we seek a common ground that establishes a new arena where personal visions align and drive collective experiences and ideas of empathetic coexistence. ​ ​ Through moving together we engage the local community and reach out to the global community to mobilize collective action towards a creative and regenerative future. Our work spans site-specific community workshops to aid regeneration, dance practices and classes to embed embodied life-centric encounters alongside a new and powerful collective imagination through the medium of contemporary dance, somatics, improvisation and relational practices. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ We are a community of practice that visits common ground sites such as nature reserves, parks and community spaces to reach the next and former generation that invests in togetherness. We don't open doors but take them out entirely, returning to the soft edges of nature, sourcing from fresh breath and grounding for a wholesome connectivity. We give 'performance' a new finish by making the freedom to move as we like visible in and outdoors. Our project Moving On supports people in cultivating this agency by returning to nature as space with agency. Likewise, The Dinner of Doing Things and Architectures of Togetherness , shed light on the significance of co-authoring spaces for a truly collective environment to emerge and how secular rituals may seed lasting and impactful transformations that continue to grow. ​ Exit Map is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee, number 13503177, registered in England at 117 Chudleigh Road, London, SE4 1HP ​ ​ To follow us on facebook click here Click on the links to read more about our objectives , constitution and code of conduct

  • Walk and Talk and Cake | Exit Map

    Archive Walk and Talk and Cake August 2022 Our community event that we co-organised with the Green community centre began with a walk through Nunhead cemetery which is a local gem and a perfect way to get to know new people or catch up with old friends. Afterwards we went to the Green, ate a huge amount of cake and exchanged some clothes based on contributions that everyone brought along. During that day we took time to enjoy each others company and simply take time to connect. The sun was on our side and all donations went to the Green.

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