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Nunhead Art Trail OPEN STUDIOS

Resident dance artists who at The Green shared work in progress, inviting the local and London’s dance community for an afternoon of presentations including a session of our Shared Practice to bring awareness and access to somatic self led training practices.


Shared Practice at Open Studios

Exit Map is actively pushing for a space that is free from product pressure to allow artists space to play and to find what they were not looking for as a tool for contextualisation.

excerpt Lorea Burge and Laura Doehler


The presentations that took place were unusual in that we are asking artists to stay true to their current state of exploration and share via talks and showings the journey of their work, to bring attention to the question what we perceive as product versus processes, how processes make the product and proposing transparency and accessibility along the way as another kind of format to disseminate not only work but a culture in movement.

Exit Map hopes that this event serves as access to dance and practice for those who do not work in this field and to install an awareness about the role of dance in everyones life, about sustaining a creative practice and engagement with ones environment.

And these are our artists:  

Agnes Bakucz

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot

Jay Yule

Laura Doehler

Lina Jungergard

Lizzy Le Quesne

Lorea Burge



Nunhead Art Trail programm 

The Green, Community Centre in Nunhead

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