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About us...

Exit Map emerged in 2004 and was founded by Laura Doehler to create dance collectively with other dancers. Since then, Exit Map’s work incorporated theatre, photography, fashion, produced interventions and site specific work alongside staged performances, and introduced improvisation as a major tool of work that defines creative, collaborative and cross-disciplinary processes.

In 2012 Tania Soubry and Anne- Gaelle Thiriot became close associates and collaborators and joined as co-directors of Exit Map in 2021. Together they developed a vision of cultural, social and environmental regeneration to manifest stronger and deeper connections with people and environment. Exit Map is a social enterprise that engages the local community and reaches out to the world community of people for movement to make a change towards a sustainable future.

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Stimulating connectivity between artists, environment and  people, our physical movement and our actions and ideas extend away from us, affirming and strengthening existing but often forgotten connections between body and space . As a group of individual artists we share perceptions and tools that are unique to each of us but connects us into the spirit of a community that can inspire new ways to meet the everyday and offer new opportunities to engage with our past, presence and future.

Exit Map leaves the field of ready-made performance and one (wo)man vision. We seek an arena of common ground where communication and meetings correspond with what we produce and who we are. We live by what we do and harvest being physically and mindfully present with others, nature, processes and change.


Exit Map is a nonprofit company, limited by guarantee, number 13503177, registered in England at 117 Chudleigh Road, London, SE4 1HP

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