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About us...


Exit Map, an initiative by Laura Doehler, emerged in 2004 as artistic platform for collaborative


and participative processes to create dance. In the year 2012, the arrival of Tania Soubry


and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot marked a turning point as they assumed the roles of co-directors.


Their shared vision firmly established Exit Map as intentional non-profit that would address


cultural, social, and environmental regeneration. This newfound focus cultivates meaningful

connections amongst people and the more- than- human natural world.









As a social enterprise, Exit Map actively engages the local community and extends its reach


to the global community, mobilizing collective action towards a sustainable future. Their


repertoire spans diverse interventions, site-specific works, and staged performances, all


anchored and expanded through the medium of improvisation and somatics.

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Together we foster symbiotic relationships among artists, the environment, and people to


ignite a network of interconnectedness that transcends the impact of one's individual


movements and actions. As a collective of individual artists, we share unique perspectives


and tools towards a collective body that we understand as community. Each one of us brings


in fresh approaches to everyday encounters to engage with our collective history, present


circumstances, and future aspirations. 


Exit Map distances itself from preconceived performances and solitary visions.


We actively seek a common ground; an arena where communication and encounters align


with our creative output and collective identity. We thrive by aligning our actions with our


beliefs, create transformative processes and embrace the inevitability of change.


Exit Map is a nonprofit company, limited by guarantee, number 13503177, registered in England at 117 Chudleigh Road, London, SE4 1HP

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