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About us...

Exit Map is an artistic platform for collaborative and  participative processes wherein dance cultivates meaningful connections amongst people and the more- than- human natural world.







Together we foster symbiotic relationships among artists, the environment and people to grow a network of interconnectedness that transcends the impact of one's individual movements and actions. As a collective of individual artists, we share unique perspectives and tools towards a collective body where each one of us brings in fresh approaches to everyday encounters, our collective history, present circumstances and future aspirations.  


Leaving preconceived performances and solitary visions behind, we seek a common ground that establishes a new arena where personal visions align and drive collective experiences and ideas of empathetic coexistence. 

after the Moving On event in nature reserve
during the Moving On event in nature reserve
working out and nature


Through moving together we engage the local community and reach out to the global community to mobilize collective action towards a creative and regenerative future. Our work spans site-specific community workshops to aid regeneration, dance practices and classes to embed embodied life-centric encounters alongside a new and powerful collective imagination through the medium of contemporary dance, somatics, improvisation and relational practices. 






We are a community of practice that visits common ground sites such as nature reserves, parks and community spaces to reach the next and former generation that invests in togetherness. We don't open doors but take them out entirely, returning to the soft edges of nature, sourcing from fresh breath and grounding for a wholesome connectivity. We give 'performance' a new finish by making the freedom to move as we like visible in and outdoors. Our project Moving On supports people in cultivating this agency by returning to nature as space with agency. Likewise, The Dinner of Doing Things and Architectures of Togetherness, shed light on the significance of co-authoring spaces for a truly collective environment to emerge and how secular rituals may seed lasting and impactful transformations that continue to grow.

Exit Map is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee, number 13503177,

registered in England at 117 Chudleigh Road, London, SE4 1HP

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