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    Objects of Exit Map


Is to link professional development for dance artists based in SE London with events (collective and for the public) by providing space (for practice and creation) and dialogue. Exit Map advocates collectivity/ community for dance artists and the general public. The vision is for relationships to emerge and manifest based on our understanding and ongoing creative engagement with body and presence. Exit Map facilitates creative crossovers by inviting artists to work alongside and dialogue. Events are crafted for the general public, disseminating work that has received peer support, feedback and has to some extent collective ownership at its base. Content and structure of these collective events challenge collective creation and Exit Map’s role is that of safeguarding people and practice, to ensure content is in line with proposals and oversee management. Social support and resilience is the larger objective of Exit Map where artistic and social engagement drive progress by installing connectivity. Exit Map facilitates interaction and integration of self amongst/ in other (people and environment) for collective well being. It is a collaborative platform where body and movement are at the centre of attention to provide creative and alternative performance solutions to further a culture that embodies cultural, social and environmental values.


Exit Map will provide different levels of engagement for artists and people. Starting from the least involvement to the most involved one

  • Memberships (non-voting member) to access events such as Moving On or the Shared Practice on a discounted basis with information about on how to be involved more

  • Artists - advising members are supported by the Shared Practice regarding their professional development and who are invited to contribute to events such as Moving On or Community events at the Green where their personal practice is integrated but also extended to include the collective curation of events. 

  • Exit Map directors Laura Doehler, managing director, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot and Tania Soubry have executive decision making rights that can be passed on to Committees such as the Advisory Board. Their work is to safe guard artists and objects of Exit Map and observe rights and responsibilities. 

  • Guest artists may join temporarily to contribute to events who share Exit Map’s objectives and vision and whose professional contribution not only furthers projects of Exit Map but professional development for artists that are regularly engaged 

  • Exit Map encourages all artists in collaboration with Exit Map to join the advisory board to collectively handle responsibilities and decision making that concern the structural set up of events and therefore integrates authorship and ownership deeper. Exit Map provides the frame for projects but it is artists that provide content. Together we approach democratic processes however in order to align artistic proposals with the overall objective of Exit Map, directors reserves the right to determine choices should disagreements ensue. 

Exit Map is registered in Lewisham, London, UK


Nonprofit, non charitable social enterprise, private company limited by guarantee, S60 exempt

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