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Laura Doehler
Current Productions / Research

Mapping Communities

The groundwork for the 'Architecture of Togetherness' is to understand how communities these days pursue the integration of 'being together' next to their everyday and often pressing needs to create models and structures for new environmental, social and political profiles. Having become increasingly attuned to how our practices can offer a kind of glue that can hold people and spaces flexibly and potentially unconditionally, the hope is to link our work with existing communities by understanding their current approaches and integrations of somatic practices and open a conversation on the urgency to have platforms where we can all meet no matter what background or mindset ... because we communicate through the body. This is a vision and research - by all means, we are not close to solutions yet. 


Who is John Wick?

John Wick is a man who kills and gets killed over and over again and still he stands. He exists as fiction alive in minds, readily obscuring reality. What is it to live in multiple realities, what are the hiding places and what is it we reveal of ourselves when we wear other people’s masks? A true self flickers intermittently between images and personalities we borrow. An overriding numbness as we are submerged in stimuli that the more intense the input, the less responsive we are. 



Currently a work in progress it is was presented as part of Towards A Regenerative Society, Together We Are 

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