Laura Doehler
Current Productions / Research


Following the interest in how people engage in which kind of places Laura started to embark on interviewing people about how much they bring of themselves into encounters depending on the environment they are in. The questions driving the research are:

- What we seek when we seek contact with people?

- What kind of contact - with people and space - allows us to be well and able to freely act and freely engage?


Who is John Wick?

John Wick is a man who kills and gets killed over and over again and still he stands. He exists as fiction alive in minds, readily obscuring reality. What is it to live in multiple realities, what are the hiding places and what is it we reveal of ourselves when we wear other people’s masks? A true self flickers intermittently between images and personalities we borrow. An overriding numbness as we are submerged in stimuli that the more intense the input, the less responsive we are. 



Currently a work in progress it is was presented as part of Towards A Regenerative Society, Together We Are