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Risk Assessment

...for Moving On events

Moving On is a personal practice that people attend to while others in safe physical distance do so as well.

This event is an effort to attend to the physical and mental health of SE London local communities, by facilitating a movement practice that is in line with current “lockdown” regulations. We, ExitMap, are committed to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and the dramatic consequences on people’s lives and NHS capacity. Further, we are aware of the simultaneous mental health epidemic in London and the negative impact of the pandemic on social isolation and various kinds of physical and mental conditions. Our event has been carefully thought out in order to minimise physical proximity, while creating opportunities for people to experience social connection by sharing outdoors public spaces.

Social distancing guidelines:

Each individual is following the audio guidance and only interacts with others from a distance, by noticing their movements and responding to them. Participants might engage in a physically distanced conversation with one other person (at least 2m apart). In cases where there is more social density (more than two people), participants are asked to keep at least 4m distance, to avoid the impression of being a gathering. Their practice is synced to happen simultaneously with others, but in a different place than others. This person has signed a disclaimer to not, under any circumstance, come in close proximity (less than 2 meters) to someone else before, during or after the event, unless it is a person of their household or carer.

Why people do it at the same time in relation to one another:

The reason people undertake this exercise at the same time is to experience a sense of community, to feel supportive in their dance practice as dancing alone in public spaces is conventionally considered odd and out of place. As is going for a walk in a public space with Moving On we mitigate the negative effects social distancing has on mental and physical health. Therefore, this initiative responds to an essential social need in the most responsible way possible.

How rules are communicated:

Every participant has been made aware when registering for this event and has signed that they understand the rules of social distancing to safeguard everybody, that they understand to keep very generously spaced out to not appear as a gathering as it might upset people and that if they have been in touch with Covid in the past two weeks are not allowed to attend but are obliged by law to self isolate at home.

Track and trace

Alongside the registration we collect contact information to respond immediately should any participant show symptoms after the event. This event is however conceived for people to NOT be in any proximity that might endanger them or others.

Location / Travel

We encourage people to attend to their practice as local as possible by going to a park nearby and to make sure to not travel far from their home. We are putting an effort in letting people know who is in a manageable proximity to practice locally at the same time in roughly the same location. However we impress that this is not a meet up but remains, as always a personal practice that stands in relation to somebody else.


Every participant signs along with their registration that they alone are responsible for their physical well being and for their belongings. There is no physical meet up or check in with a facilitator but an event where an audio proposes ways to engage with environment and movement which every participant can adopt to their needs and wishes as long as they make to stay physically distanced.

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