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Invisible Festival
from a community for a community

Our Exit Map community of people and artists creates new and progressive ways of being together with others and our environment.

The invisible festival offers the many skills we have as dance and performance artists, sound artists, story tellers, food makers, therapists and architects to create an experience for the wider London community to grow meaningful connections inside one of our urban natural environments. 

Why invisible?
Joining this festival means joining a time out by not taking a phone inside.
We offer a return to being in the world without distraction.
We share ways of listening and attuning to what surrounds us to co-inhabit a space that is inclusive of all people and the more-than human. We experience the magic of loosing clock time to find flow and ease
 to alter or return to an intuitive togetherness.

Once inside, you won't have to be at a certain time at a certain place. You will simply be and let sounds, movement and performances emerge.

Without phone, photographs and uploads this festival will leave no material, proof or traces simultaneously or afterwards.
This festival only exists there and then.
Once past, there will only be memories to give space for new things yet again to emerge. 
If you want to join, you need to come.

To be invisible beyond the actual event shows that truly seeing each other and being together emerges by attending, listening and attuning through our senses and bodies. As we spread our wings and become part of the world around us we return to the simple and deep magic of life itself.

Our ambition is that when you leave you've grown as a person, grown as a community from and back into the place you inhabited there and then which too has grown with you.


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